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Re: About NO_CONFIGURE=yes (was: freedoom: Minor modifications)

Hello Michael,

Michael Baeuerle writes:
> [...]
> Modified Files:
> 	freedoom/DESCR
> 	freedoom/Makefile
> Added Files:
> 	freedoom/MESSAGE.freedoom
> Log Message:
> freedoom: Minor modifications
> - Add comment to DESCR that no game engine is included
> - Add MESSAGE that notes the installed wad files and their location
> - Add NO_CONFIGURE=yes to Makefile
> [...]
> +# The pkgsrc documentation says:
> +# If there is no configure step at all, set NO_CONFIGURE to "yes".
> +# Is NO_CONFIGURE required if NO_BUILD is set?
> [...]

No, most of the times is not required and often introduce subtly and
often hard to spot bugs (e.g. adding a SUBST class that operate on
pre/post-configure when NO_CONFIGURE is set).

For freedoom it is not needed and I suggest to remove it.


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