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vault: Update to 1.1.4

Module Name:	pkgsrc-wip
Committed By:	Iku Iwasa <>
Pushed By:	iquiw
Date:		Sat Jul 27 08:39:35 2019 +0900
Changeset:	9173d3143e8a31aa1a6ffa07b19abfeba0cd43ba

Modified Files:

Log Message:
vault: Update to 1.1.4


* identity: Allow a group alias' canonical ID to be modified
* namespaces: Improve namespace deletion performance [GH-6939]
* namespaces: Namespaces can now be created and deleted from performance
  replication secondaries


* api: Add backwards compat support for API env vars [GH-7135]
* auth/aws: Fix a case where a panic could stem from a malformed
  assumed-role ARN when parsing this value [GH-6917]
* auth/aws: Use a role cache to avoid separate locking paths [GH-6926]
* core: Fix a deadlock if a panic happens during request handling [GH-6920]
* core: Fix an issue that may cause key upgrades to not be cleaned up
  properly [GH-6949]
* core: Don't shutdown if key upgrades fail due to canceled context
* core: Fix panic caused by handling requests while vault is inactive
* identity: Fix reading entity and groups that have spaces in their names
* identity: Ensure entity alias operations properly verify namespace
* replication: Forward step-down on perf standbys to match HA behavior
* replication: Fix various read only storage errors on performance standbys
* secrets/database: Allow cassandra queries to be cancled [GH-6954]
* storage/consul: Fix a regression causing vault to not connect to consul
  over unix sockets [GH-6859]
* ui: Fix saving of TTL and string array fields generated by Open API

To see a diff of this commit:;a=commitdiff;h=9173d3143e8a31aa1a6ffa07b19abfeba0cd43ba

Please note that diffs are not public domain; they are subject to the
copyright notices on the relevant files.

 vault/Makefile | 2 +-
 vault/distinfo | 8 ++++----
 2 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

diff --git a/vault/Makefile b/vault/Makefile
index 052e7e8ce5..b2c814ec8f 100644
--- a/vault/Makefile
+++ b/vault/Makefile
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
 # $NetBSD$
-DISTNAME=	vault-1.1.3
+DISTNAME=	vault-1.1.4
 CATEGORIES=	security
diff --git a/vault/distinfo b/vault/distinfo
index 91f46f4305..cd762f9b01 100644
--- a/vault/distinfo
+++ b/vault/distinfo
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-SHA1 (vault-1.1.3.tar.gz) = 5761c928755210123e10593f80f6e5f62ad1ddf9
-RMD160 (vault-1.1.3.tar.gz) = 8e434559f4d6190fdd2d7f49553e1b120de179e2
-SHA512 (vault-1.1.3.tar.gz) = bf757558b984711967fdc623393e71c74d5e73922de3b0574ecb229a5d52320ebc3f848b48eabf0ed7a8d6e9d9f6c12d69fb23309fb8c19492b135344c8c4be2
-Size (vault-1.1.3.tar.gz) = 26026249 bytes
+SHA1 (vault-1.1.4.tar.gz) = ada386806d339dd072c52d94faf6b1d2da630c59
+RMD160 (vault-1.1.4.tar.gz) = c7562ac0049ddb3f7a1de5b8c15921bf1e7a4e37
+SHA512 (vault-1.1.4.tar.gz) = d43b12d8cb91ce68d10f9a712113922e2938550809c94ce64c3e636461199793a4d2ad90b43df0f3ffd2e42c78fa42fc7c65d3c7d73c2820b2456201395f2d9f
+Size (vault-1.1.4.tar.gz) = 26032807 bytes

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