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vimb: Add a candidate commit message

Module Name:	pkgsrc-wip
Committed By:	Leonardo Taccari <>
Pushed By:	leot
Date:		Wed Nov 14 13:17:29 2018 +0100
Changeset:	7fd6cdb079b3c14863381cfb13968bdfa5216fc7

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vimb: Add a candidate commit message

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diff --git a/vimb/COMMIT_MSG b/vimb/COMMIT_MSG
new file mode 100644
index 0000000000..35f5c7a9d7
--- /dev/null
+++ b/vimb/COMMIT_MSG
@@ -0,0 +1,139 @@
+vimb: Update www/vimb to 3.3.0
+## [3.3.0] - 2018-11-06
+### Added
+* Allow to change following webkit settings during runtime
+  * allow-file-access-from-file-urls
+  * allow-universal-access-from-file-urls
+* Added `#define CHECK_WEBEXTENSION_ON_STARTUP 1` to config.def.h to enable
+  checks during runtime if the webextension file could be found. Hope that
+  this helps user to fix compile/installation issues easier.
+* Re-Added support for page marks to jump around within long single pages by
+  using names marks.
+  Set a marks by `m{a-z}` in normal mode. Jump to marks by `'{a-z}`.
+* Re-Added `gf` to show page source (Thanks to Leonardo Taccari) #361.
+  Webkit2 does not allow to show tha page in the source view mode so the `gf`
+  writes the HTML to a temporary files and opens it in the editor configured
+  by `:set editor-command=...`
+### Changed
+* New created files in `$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/vimb` are generated with `0600`
+  permission to prevent cookies be observed on multi users systems. Existing
+  files are not affected by this change. It's a good advice to change the
+  permission of all the files in `$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/vimb` to `0600` by
+  hand.
+### Fixed
+* Fixed missing dependency in Makefile which possibly caused broken builds
+  (Thanks to Patrick Steinhardt).
+* Fixed weird scroll position values shown in scroll indicator on some pages #501.
+* Fixed wrong hint label position on #506.
+* Fixed wrong hint label position in case of hints within iframes.
+## [3.2.0] - 2018-06-16
+### Added
+* Allow basic motion commands for hinting too.
+* Show the numbers of search matches in status bar.
+* Show dialog if the page makes a permission request e.g. gelocation to allow
+  the user to make a decission.
+* new Setting `show-titlebar` to toggle window decorations.
+### Changed
+* Use sqlite as cookie storage #470 to prevent cookies lost on running many
+  vimb instances.
+* Start vimb with maximized window #483.
+* Hints are now styled based on the vimbhint attributes. The old additional set
+  classes are not set anymore to the hints. So customized css for the hints have
+  to be adapted to this.
+* Element ID is stored in case the editor was spawned. So it's now possible to
+  start the editor, load another page, come back and paste the edotor contents
+  (thanks to Sven Speckmaier).
+### Fixed
+* Fixed none cleaned webextension object files on `make clean`.
+* Remove none used gui styling for completion.
+### Removed
+* Removed webkit1 combat code.
+## [3.1.0] - 2017-12-18
+### Added
+* Added completion of bookmarked URIs for `:bmr` to allow to easily remove
+  bookmarks without loading the page first.
+* Refresh hints after scrolling the page or resizing the window which makes
+  extended hint mode more comfortable.
+* Reintroduce the automatic commands from vimb2. An automatic command is
+  executed automatically in response to some event, such as a URI being opened.
+### Changed
+* Number of webprocesses in no longer limited to one.
+* Treat hint label generation depending on the first hint-key char.
+  If first char is '0' generate numeric style labels else the labels start with
+  the first char (thanks to Yoann Blein).
+  * `hint-keys=0123` -> `1 2 3 10 11 12 13`
+  * `hint-keys=asdf` -> `a s d f aa as ad af`
+* Show versions of used libs on `vimb --bug-info` and the extension directory
+  for easier issue investigation.
+* During hinting JavaScript is enabled and reset to it's previous setting after
+  hinting is done might be security relevant.
+* Allow extended hints mode also for open `g;o` to allow the user to toggle
+  checkboxes and radiobuttons of forms.
+* Rename `hint-number-same-length` into `hint-keys-same-length` for consistency.
+* Search is restarted on pressing `n` or `N` with previous search query if no
+  one was given (thanks to Yoann Blein).
+### Fixed
+* Deduced min required webkit version 2.16.x -> 2.8.x to compile vimb also on
+  older systems.
+* Fixed undeleted desktop file on `make uninstall`.
+* Fixed window not redrawn properly in case vimb was run within tabbed.
+* Fixed cursor appearing in empty inputbox on searching in case a normal mode
+  command was used that switches vimb into command mode like 'T' or ':'.
+* Fixed hint labels never started by the first char of the 'hint-keys'.
+* Fixed items where added to history even when `history-max-items` is set to 0
+  (thanks to Patrick Steinhardt).
+* Fixed hinting caused dbus timeout on attempt to open URI with location hash.
+* Fixed wrong scroll position shown in the right of the statusbar on some pages.
+* Fixed vimb keeping in normal mode when HTTP Authentication dialog is shown.
+* Fixed password show in title bar and beeing written to hisotry in case the
+  pssword was given by URI like https://user:password%host.tdl@localhost.
+## [3.0-alpha] - 2017-05-27
+### Changed
+* completely rebuild of vimb on webkit2 api.
+* Syntax for the font related gui settings has be changed.
+  Fonts have to be given as `[ font-style | font-variant | font-weight | font-stretch ]? font-size font-family`
+  Example `set input-font-normal=bold 10pt "DejaVu Sans Mono"` instead of
+  previous `set input-fg-normal=DejaVu Sans Mono Bold 10`
+* Renames some settings to consequently use dashed setting names. Following
+  settings where changed.
+  ```
+  previous setting - new setting name
+  --------------------------------------
+  cursivfont       - cursiv-font
+  defaultfont      - default-font
+  fontsize         - font-size
+  hintkeys         - hint-keys
+  minimumfontsize  - minimum-font-size
+  monofont         - monospace-font
+  monofontsize     - monospace-font-size
+  offlinecache     - offline-cache
+  useragent        - user-agent
+  sansfont         - sans-serif-font
+  scrollstep       - scroll-step
+  seriffont        - serif-font
+  statusbar        - status-bar
+  userscripts      - user-scripts
+  xssauditor       - xss-auditor
+  ```
+### Removed
+* There where many features removed during the webkit2 migration. That will
+  hopefully be added again soon.
+  * auto-response-headers
+  * autocommands and augroups
+  * external downloader
+  * HSTS
+  * kiosk mode
+  * multiple ex commands on startup via `--cmd, -C`
+  * page marks
+  * prevnext
+  * showing page source via `gF` this viewtype is not supported by webkit
+    anymore.
+  * socket support
+Packaged by Yorick Hardy and myself in pkgsrc-wip.

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