Index of pkgsrc-wip-changes for June, 2016

Kamil RytarowskiImport keystone-0.9 as wip/keystone.
Thomas Klausner+ rust-1.9.
Thomas Klausnerpy-*: Fix MASTER_SITE.
Hauke Fathdhcpd-snmp has moved to git, the old project page is gone.
Thomas Klausneremacs-current: sync PLIST with upstream.
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: sync PLIST with upstream
Thomas Klausnerlgogdownloader-git: CMake now needs C compiler, allow it
Izaac - adding syncthing-discosrv - chroot stuff may be NetBSD-only ... needs further testing and development
Izaac - add syncthing-relaysrv - chroot stuff may be NetBSD-only ... needs further testing and development
Izaac- add xmms-volnorm
youriznc: Fix build on NetBSD.
Mateusz Poszwamutt: Remove,=?UTF-8?B?IGFzIGl04oCZcyBubyBsb25nZXIgbmV3ZXIgdGhhbiBtYWls?=/ mutt
Jason Baconslurm-14.11.6: Fix hwloc support
Jason Baconslurm-14.11.6: Add readline and lua deps
Jason Baconslurm: Add readline and lua deps
Kamil RytarowskiImport bitkeeper-7.2.1 as wip/bitkeeper.
Jason BaconImport /home/bacon/Pkgsrc/pkgsrc-2016Q1/wip/ numactl numactl-2.0.11 | tail -n 1 as wip/numactl.
Jason BaconAdd new package numactl to Makefile
Jason Baconnumactl: Add bl3
=?UTF-8?B?RnLDqWTDqXJpYyBGYXViZXJ0ZWF1?=Add new package dotclear to Makefile
=?UTF-8?B?RnLDqWTDqXJpYyBGYXViZXJ0ZWF1?=Import dotclear-2.9.1 as wip/dotclear
=?UTF-8?B?RnLDqWTDqXJpYyBGYXViZXJ0ZWF1?=Fix php-fpm dependency
Thomas KlausnerTODO: + py-xpra-0.17.3.
Jonathan SchleiferUpdate objfw-git
Jonathan Schleiferobjfw-git: Update PLIST
Hauke FathIn the light of PR pkg/51212, update required php-libawl version.
Hauke FathWhile here, update PLIST to state of HEAD
Daniel Oelschlegelimport of the fuse module simple-mtpfs for getting access to mtp devices
youriconsolekit: Remove obsolete package.
Mateusz Poszwadwb-gtk2-git: Mark as not PaX MPROTECT safe (also affects dwb-gtk3-git)
Izaacupdate to 0.13.5
Izaacupdate syncthing-relaysrv to 0.13.5
Izaaccorrection to Makefile - post-extract fixup - correct whitespace typo
Thomas Klausnerbitkeeper: Add patch from Wayne Scott to get build to progress further.
Thomas Klausnerpy-xpra: update py-xpra to 0.17.3
Thomas KlausnerMany packages: Switch to MASTER_SITES_PYPI.
Thomas KlausnerSwitch to MASTER_SITE_PYPI.
Thomas Klausnerpy-verilog: remove backup file
Thomas Klausnermany packages: fix HOMEPAGE to be copy'n'pastable
i3enedekCorrecting pidgin-sipe/distinfo
Mateusz Poszwauzbl-git: No longer MAKE_JOBS_SAFE
Yorick Hardyspeedtest-cli: remove, imported as net/speedtest-cli
Kamil Rytarowskibitkeeper: Remove C++ and Fortran from USE_LANGUAGES, not needed
Thomas Klausneremacs-current: sync PLIST with upstream.
atomiculesRemove outdated comments from Ledger Makefile
atomiculesUpdate Elinks Snapshot
Thomas Klausnernss-hg: fix PKGNAME to nss-* (remove "hg-")
Thomas Klausnernspr-git: fix PKGNAME to nspr-* (remove "hg-")
Thomas KlausnerTODO: + ardour-5.0, samhain-4.1.3.
Kamil RytarowskiImport p5-Function-Parameters-1.0704 as wip/p5-Function-Paremeters.
Kamil Rytarowskip5-Function-Parameters: Upgrade to 1.0705
Kamil Rytarowskip5-Function-Paremeters: Depends on p5-Moose (Moose::Util::TypeConstraints)
Kamil Rytarowskip5-Function-Paremeters: Rename to p5-Function-Parameters
Kamil Rytarowskip5-Function-Parameters: Drop PLIST (autogenerated)
Kamil Rytarowskip5-Function-Parameters: Drop, imported to pkgsrc/devel
Kamil Rytarowski*: Drop -- build not fixed but clean works
Kamil Rytarowskiboinc-lib, boinc-client: Remove, based on nonexistent dependency (wxgtk26)
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: Remove boinc-client and boinc-lib
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: Rename sbcl to sbcl-git
Kamil Rytarowskisbcl: s/LOWER_ARCH/MACHINE_ARCH/
Kamil Rytarowskisbcl: Rename to sbcl-git
Kamil Rytarowskiaudacious: Drop, audio/audacious is the same version
Kamil Rytarowskiaudacious-plugins: Drop, audio/audacious-plugins is the same version
Kamil Rytarowskibochs: Drop, emulators/bochs is the same version
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: Rename clisp to clisp-git
Kamil Rytarowskiclisp: Rename to clisp-hg
Kamil Rytarowskigps: Drop, much older than devel/gps
Kamil Rytarowskigpgmepp: Drop, security/gpgmepp is the same version
Kamil Rytarowskiinclude-what-you-use: Drop, devel/include-what-you-use is the same version
Kamil Rytarowskikaffe: kaffe-x11: Drop, duplicated with lang/kaffe lang/kaffe-x11
Kamil Rytarowskiklayout: Drop, cad/klayout is newer
Kamil Rytarowskimaxima: Rename to maxima-git
Kamil Rytarowskinhc98: Drop, duplicates lang/nhc98
Kamil Rytarowskioctave: Drop, older than math/octave
Kamil Rytarowskiejourn: Drop, last commit in 2006. upstream dead, distfiles not accessible
Kamil Rytarowskiile: Drop, last functional commit a decade ago. Upsream not accessible, no distfiles, no maintainer
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: Bring closer the list of packages to the current reality
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: Sync
Kamil Rytarowskipmars: Update to 0.9.2 and fix building
Kamil Rytarowskipmars: Fix linking issue on NetBSD
Kamil Rytarowskipmars: Appease pkglint
Kamil Rytarowskipmars: Improve the package
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: -pmars
Kamil Rytarowskipmars: Drop, imported to pkgsrc/games
Kamil Rytarowskiradare2: Update to 0.10.4 and fix PLIST
Kamil RytarowskiImport qlcplus-4.10.4 as wip/qlcplus.
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: -sudo
Kamil Rytarowskisudo: Drop, older than security/sudo
Kamil Rytarowskikeystone: Switch to shared libs
Kamil Rytarowskikeystone: Split Makefile into Makefile and Makefile.common
Kamil Rytarowski*: Migrate dependencies from webkit1 to webkit24
Kamil RytarowskiImport keystone-0.9 as wip/py-keystone.
Kamil Rytarowskipy-keystone: Improve PKGNAME and CATEGORY
Kamil Rytarowskipy-keystone: Drop local distinfo
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: -keystone
Kamil Rytarowskipy-keystone: Eliminate, imported to emulators/
Kamil Rytarowskikeystone: Eliminate, imported to emulators/
Mateusz Poszwadunst: Make pkglint clean
Mateusz Poszwadunst: Remove. Imported to x11/
Kamil Rytarowskii3lock: Cleanup package, reset maintainer (4 years of inactivity)
Kamil Rytarowskii3lock: Comment patch
Kamil Rytarowskii3lock: Fix typo in the MESSAGE
Kamil Rytarowskii3lock: Improve man-page handling in the original Makefile
Kamil Rytarowskii3lock: Simplify, no need to specify SYSCONFDIR
Kamil Rytarowskii3lock: Make use of MESSAGE_SUBST
Kamil Rytarowskiwmutils-core: Reorder defines
Kamil Rytarowskignome-core: libsigc++ already there
Mateusz Poszwawmutils-core: Remove. Imported to wm/
Mateusz Poszwai3lock: Remove. Imported to x11/
Kamil Rytarowskibijiben: Initial scratch to port bijiben to webkitgtk 4.0
Kamil Rytarowskibijiben: wip porting to webkitgtk 4.0
Kamil Rytarowskibijiben: Continue porting to webkitgtk 4.0
Kamil Rytarowskibijiben: Continue porting to webkitgtk 4.0
Kamil RytarowskiImport rofi-1.0.1 as wip/rofi.
Kamil Rytarowskirofi: Replace shebang in a bash script
Kamil Rytarowskirofi: Add i3 option
Thomas KlausnerTODO: - include-what-you-use-0.6.
Mateusz PoszwaMakefile: -wmutils-core
Mateusz Poszwafilter_audio: Import as wip/filter_audio
Daniel Oelschlegeladd jmtpfs a program to accessing mtp filesystems
Kamil Rytarowskipicasm: Update to 1.14
Jason Baconslurm: Upgrade to 15.08.12 and patch task/affinity
Kamil Rytarowskipicasm: Fix BUILTIN_INCLUDE1
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: -picasm
Kamil Rytarowskipicasm: Eliminate, imported to pkgsrc as devel/picasm
Kamil Rytarowskirofi: Cleanup
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: +jmtpfs +qlcplus
Kamil Rytarowskirofi: Eliminate, imported to pkgsrc-wip
Kamil RytarowskiImport ropper-1.9.5 as wip/ropper.
Mateusz Poszwai3-git: Fix i3-dmenu-desktop
Kamil RytarowskiImport py27-filebytes-0.9.10 as wip/py-filebytes.
Kamil Rytarowskipy-filebytes: Eliminate, imported to pkgsrc/devel
Kamil Rytarowskiropper: Setup DEPENDS
Mateusz PoszwauTox-git: Add filter_audio dependency
Mateusz PoszwauTox-git: Disable FILTER_AUDIO until filter_audio is packaged
Mateusz Poszwatoxic: Add TODO
Joe Davisadd dtc - the device tree compiler
Joe Daviscleanup of package dtc
Joe Davismoved MAKE_FLAGS before
Youri MoutonFix reference to lxmenu-data.
Mateusz Poszwai3status: Remove wm category
Mateusz Poszwai3status: Use modified install target in the original makefile
Mateusz Poszwatoxic:=?UTF-8?B?IEFkZCDigJhub3RpZnnigJkgYW5kIOKAmHgxMeKAmSBvcHRpb25z?=
Kamil Rytarowskii3status: Reset MAINTAINER - inactive for 4+ years
Kamil Rytarowskii3status: Eliminate TODO, prepare for import
Kamil Rytarowskii3status: Handle MANPREFIX
Kamil Rytarowskii3status: Improve handling MANDIR
Kamil Rytarowskiropper: Prepare for import into pkgsrc
Kamil Rytarowskii3status: Eliminate, imported to pkgsrc
Kamil Rytarowskiropper: Eliminate, imported to pkgsrc
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: Sync
Kamil RytarowskiImport qiew-1.1 as wip/qiew.
Mateusz Poszwai3-git: Convert a patch to SUBST.
Mateusz Poszwauzbl-git: Fix /usr(/local)?/share paths
IzaacUpgrade syncthing utilities: - syncthing-relaysrv-0.13.7 - syncthing-discosrv-0.13.7
Kamil Rytarowskiqtcreator: Update to 4.0.1
Kamil Rytarowskiqtcreator: Fix typo, use libtool
Joe Davisadd u-boot-full
Kamil Rytarowskiqtcreator: Regenerate PLIST
Mateusz Poszwafilter_audio: Drop a patch merged upstream
Kamil Rytarowskiqtcreator: Try to fix installation and replace more shebangs
Kamil Rytarowskiqtcreator: Use REPLACE_BASH and REPLACE_PYTHON
Mateusz Poszwayabar: Import yabar-0.4.0
Mateusz Poszwayabar: Use PKGMANDIR instead of PREFIX/man
Mateusz Poszwayabar: Amend previouos commit
Mateusz Poszwayabar: Simplify GitHub handling
Kamil Rytarowskiqtcreator: Use pkgsrc specific flags for configure
Kamil Rytarowskiyabar: Set VERSION. Drop unneeded WRKSRC
Kamil Rytarowskiqtcreator: pkglinkt package and try to fix linking
Kamil RytarowskiImport sasm-3.5.0 as wip/sasm.
Kamil Rytarowskisasm: Eliminate, imported to pkgsrc
Kamil RytarowskiImport mipscope-0.3.3 as wip/mipscope.
Kamil Rytarowskiqtcreator: Revert previous
Kamil RytarowskiImport codelite-9.1 as wip/codelite.
Kamil Rytarowskicodelite: Fix shell portability issue
Kamil Rytarowskicodelite: Handle netbsd specific fpos_t
Kamil Rytarowskicodelite: Require libssh
Youri MoutonAdd wine-devel from pkgsrc for update.
Youri Moutonwine-devel: add missing patch
Youri Moutonrevert accidental changes.
Youri Moutonwine-devel: Update wine32 PLIST.
Yorick Hardytranslate-shell: update to translate-shell-0.9.4
Kamil Rytarowskicodelite: First functional version on NetBSD
Kamil Rytarowskicodelite: pkglint
Kamil Rytarowskicodelite: Clean patch-CMakeLists.txt
Yorick Hardyurlwatch: update to urlwatch-2.2
Yorick Hardyags: update to ags-
Kamil Rytarowskicodelite: Cleanup package and prepare for import
Kamil Rytarowskicodelite: Drop, imported into pkgsrc
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Improve style
Kamil Rytarowskicodeblocks: Update to 16.01 and reset inactive maintainer
Kamil Rytarowskicodeblocks: Regenerate PLIST
Kamil Rytarowskicodeblocks: Add missing patch
Kamil Rytarowskicodeblocks: Detect NetBSD as NetBSD
Kamil Rytarowskicodeblocks: Prepare for import into pkgsrc
Kamil Rytarowskicodeblocks: Set group to editors x11 like codelite
Kamil Rytarowskicodeblocks: pkglint
Thomas Klausnerags: make better use of github framework.
Mateusz Poszwai3-git: Update a patch
Filip HajnyChange bl3 to security/mbedtls1. Bump PKGREVISION.
Thomas Klausnerurlwatch: fix MASTER_SITES
Thomas Klausnerurlwatch: update HOMEPAGE too, previous one doesn't work
Kamil Rytarowskicodeblocks: Remove, imported into pkgsrc
Youri Moutonconsolekit: import for update review.
Youri Moutonconsolekit: Add MESSAGE file
Youri Moutonconsolekit: clean up makefile.
Kamil RytarowskiChinput: Fix MASTER_SITES
coypupcsx2: use github as download
Thomas Klausnerpcsx2: remove obsolete comment.
Kamil Rytarowskinanomsh: Update to 1.0.0 and reset inactive maintainer
Kamil Rytarowskinanomsgxx: Update to 0.2 and revamp the package
Kamil Rytarowskinanomsgxx: Revamp bl3
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: -nanomsg
Kamil Rytarowskinanomsg: Eliminate, imported to pkgsrc/net
Kamil RytarowskiImport imgui-1.49 as wip/imgui.
Kamil Rytarowskinanomsgxx: Fix reference to nanomsg and set CATEGORY=net
Daniel Oelschlegeladd mtpfs 1.1 to repo
Kamil Rytarowskinanomsgxx: Revamp to new waf interface, fix bl3
Kamil Rytarowskinanomsgxx: Eliminate, imported into pkgsrc
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: Sync
Kamil Rytarowskiconsolekit: Drop, the same version in pkgsrc
Kamil Rytarowskiardour: Update to 4.7, drop merged patches
Kamil RytarowskiImport p5-URI-ws-0.03 as wip/p5-URI-ws.
Kamil Rytarowskip5-URI-ws: Improve HOMEPAGE
Kamil Rytarowskip5-URI-ws: Set CATEGORIES to www p5
Kamil Rytarowskip5-URI-ws: Drop, imported to pkgsrc
Kamil Rytarowskiardour: Update to 4.7
Kamil Rytarowskiardour: Add patch for NetBSD specific getmntinfo(3)
Kamil Rytarowskiardour: Include previous patch
Kamil Rytarowskiardour: Make it build
Kamil Rytarowskiardour: Make it installable
Youri Moutonlibgtop: Import for update.
Kamil Rytarowskiardour: Fix RPATH
Youri Moutonaccountsservice: Update to 0.6.42.
Kamil Rytarowskiardour: Fix no free disk space error
Kamil Rytarowskiardour: Refactor configure params, drop experimental ptformat
Kamil RytarowskiImport xjadeo-0.8.5 as wip/xjadeo.
Kamil RytarowskiImport harvid-0.8.1 as wip/harvid.
Youri Moutonharvid: appease pkglint.
Kamil Rytarowskiharvid: Drop, imported to pkgsrc
Kamil Rytarowskixjadeo: Prototype NetBSD support in the build machinery
Kamil Rytarowskixjadeo: Backport getmntent() patches from sysutils/fam
Kamil Rytarowskixjadeo: pkglint
Kamil Rytarowskixjadeo: Simplify pre-configure
Kamil Rytarowskixjadeo: Remove, imported into pkgsrc
Kamil Rytarowskiardour: Handle NetBSD-specific ldd(1) output
Kamil Rytarowskiardour: Initial work on alsa and jack backends
Kamil Rytarowskiardour: Initial cleanup before inport
Kamil Rytarowskiardour: Handle 0-sized parameter list
Kamil Rytarowskiardour: Improve PKG_SYSCONFDIR handling
Kamil Rytarowskiardour: Treat .menus files as home-grown
Thomas KlausnerMakefile: sync
Thomas Klausnernios2-gdb: move away from USE_CROSSBASE.
Thomas Klausnernios2-binutils: remove, pkgsrc version the same
Thomas Klausnercross-binutils: move away from USE_CROSSBASE.
Thomas Klausnercygwin*: move away from USE_CROSSBASE.
Kamil Rytarowskiardour: Fix installation into EGDIR
Thomas Klausnermingw-w64-*: move away from USE_CROSSBASE.
Thomas Klausneropenmpi163: add NetBSD PLIST
Thomas Klausner*mpi*: get rid of INSTALLATION_PREFIX
Anders Mundt Duelib/munin/plugins/ipmi_ missing from munin-node/PLIST
Kamil Rytarowskiardour: Explain ldd(1) patch
Kamil Rytarowskiardour: Require ALSA on NetBSD
Kamil Rytarowskiardour: Comment patch-gtk2__ardour_wscript
Kamil Rytarowskiliblo: Reset inactive maintainer
Kamil Rytarowskiliblo: Eliminate, imported into pkgsrc
Kamil Rytarowski*: Update liblo reference
Kamil Rytarowskiardour: Eliminate, imported into pkgsrc
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: -ardour, -liblo
Kamil Rytarowskitask: Set PKGNAME to taskwarrior
Kamil Rytarowskitask: Rename package to taskwarrior
Kamil Rytarowskitaskwarrior: Deport options into
Kamil Rytarowskitaskwarrior: Support
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: -task
Kamil Rytarowskitaskwarrior: Drop, imported into pkgsrc
Mateusz Poszwauzbl-git: Upstream fixed parallel build
Yorick Hardyags: update to ags-
Youri Mouton Add pulseaudio option and fix the build on platforms without pthread_mutexattr_setprotocol.
Havard EidnesUpdate to ansible
Joe Davisdtc - changed USE_TOOLS to +=
Joe Davisu-boot - remove tl and change USE_TOOLS to +=
Havard EidnesAdd py-jxmlease version 1.0.1.
Mateusz Poszwap5-AnyEvent: Add p5- to the PKGNAME
Mateusz Poszwai3-git: Add p5-AnyEvent-I3 dependency
Christian KochInsist on GCC_REQD+=, not GCC_REQD=.
Thomas KlausnerTODO: + gitlab-8.9.
Kamil RytarowskiImport quassel-0.12.4 as wip/quassel.
Thomas Klausnerricochet: add package, untested.
Thomas Klausnerq: add new package
Thomas Klausnerdatamash: add new package
Thomas Klausnerricochet: install desktop file and icons.
Thomas Klausnerpy-dns-clientsubnetoption: fix for python-3.x.
Thomas Klausnerletskencrypt: add incomplete package
Thomas Klausnerafl-cov: add new package
Greg Troxelgqrx: add non-working skeleton package
Greg Troxelgqrx: improve DISTNAME and dependencies
Greg Troxelgqrx: improve TODO content/status
Havard EidnesAdd a fix for Ansible bugid 3962: avoid "ascii coding error" by using unicode instead of str.
Hauke FathAdd scripts/davical-cli.
Thomas KlausnerTODO: + icecat-38.8.0.
Ryo ONODERAwww/firefox-hg: Update to latest aurora, 50.0 and fix segfault on exit
Ryo ONODERAfirefox-hg: Update ignore pattern and update PLIST for 50.0
Ryo ONODERARemove TODO entry for segfault on exit
Thomas Klausnerletskencrypt: update to 0.1.7
Thomas Klausnerletskencrypt: remove TODO, done.
Thomas Klausnerneomutt: add basic package copying relevant lines from mail/mutt.
Thomas Klausnerbitkeeper: add TODO describing current breakage.
Izaacpull up to 0.13.9
Kamil RytarowskiImport coreclr-1.0.0 as wip/coreclr.
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr: Revamp bl3
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr: Drop, imported into pkgsrc
Thomas Klausnervarious packages: use plain py-dns dependency.