Index of pkgsrc-wip-changes for April, 2016

yourimate-icon-theme: USE_TOOLS+= gettext. Thanks jperkin.
Filip HajnyImport wip/hitch.
youriFix Darwin installation.
youriFix file permissions and installing on Darwin.
Kamil Rytarowskiquex: Fix installation
Kamil Rytarowskiquex: Use glob() for REPLACE_PYTHON
Mateusz PoszwaFLIF-git: Update a patch
Leonardo Taccariproselint: Update wip/proselint to 0.5.1.
yourisupertux: Update to 0.4.0.
Leonardo Taccarisupertux: simplify MASTER_SITES
youriRemove superfluous BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS, thanks leo :)
Thomas Klausner+ trinity-14.0.3.
Mateusz Poszwamutt: Update wip/mutt to 1.6.0
Mateusz Poszwamutt: Import mutt-1.5.24 from mail/mutt
Ryo ONODERAUpdate to 0.4.2
Filip HajnyFix dependencies in order for letsencrypt to work properly.
yourilxappearance: update to 0.6.2
yourilxmenu-data: update to 0.1.5
i3enedekRemoving mutt-ng; patchset is dead and gone.
youriAdd dbus support and buildlink3.
yourilxpanel: update to 0.8.2
Filip HajnyUpdate beats to 1.2.0.
youriFix indent.
yourilxpanel: update to 0.8.2
yourilxde-common: update to 0.99.1
youriImport lxsession from pkgsrc to update it.
yourilxsession: Handle config file properly.
yourilxrandr: update to 0.3.1
youriImport lxdm-0.5.3 as wip/lxdm.
yourilxmenu-data: fix config file handling
youriImport lxde-icon-theme-0.5.1 as wip/lxde-icon-theme.
yourilxlauncher: update to 0.2.5
yourilxtask: update to 0.1.7
youripcmanfm:update to 1.2.4
youriImport lxinput-0.3.5 as wip/lxinput.
youriImport lxde-1.0 as wip/lxde.
yourilxterminal: fix clang build
yourilxterminal: fix installation
yourilxterminal: add patch, thanks wiz
Leonardo Taccaricsvutils: add a patch to correctly use ctype(3) functions
Filip HajnyFix build/install with newer DTrace
yourilxqt-about: update to 0.10.0
yourilxqt-admin: update to 0.10.0
yourilxqt-common: update to 0.10.0
Jeremy C. ReedImport py-dns-clientsubnetoption-2.0.0 as wip/py-dns-clientsubnetoption
yourilxqt-globalkeys: update to 0.10.0
Sergey Svishchevp5-JSON-WebToken: add missing dependencies
yourilxqt-notificationd: update to 0.10.0
yourilxqt-openssh-askpass: update to 0.10.0
youriliblxqt-mount: Remove deprecated package
Mateusz Poszwamutt: Revert compressed-mbox patch location to variable-based one
youripolkit: fix build on Darwin
youriFix Darwin build
youriFix Darwin install
yourimate-settings-daemon: Fix Darwin build
yourilibdbusmenu-glib: fix Clang build, add Vala dependency.
yourilibdbusmenu-glib: delete patches
yourilibappindicator: fix clang build
yourilibdbusmenu-gtk3: add vala dependency
yourilibdbusmenu-gtk: add vala dependency
yourilibdbusmenu-tools: fix clang build, add vala dependency
yourilibdbusmenu-jsonloader: add vala dependency
yourilibdbusmenu-glib: fix clang build
yourilibdbusmenu: don't share DESCR and patches
youriosxinfo: update to 0.2
Makoto Fujiwara(qcad/Makefile) improve a little bit for libtool
Benny SiegertUpdate MoarVM to 2016.03.
Benny Siegert-MoarVM
Benny SiegertRemove wip/MoarVM, now available as devel/MoarVM.
Benny SiegertMove references to wip/MoarVM to devel/MoarVM.
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Switch Makefile to stable LLVM toolchain
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Switch to stable LLVM toolchain
Kamil Rytarowskicorefx-git: Switch Makefile to stable LLVM toolchain
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Update diff to upstream changes
youricaja: Fix build on Darwin.
yourilibmatemixer: Fix null backend, builds on Darwin now
yourimate-control-center: Switch to libappindicator3.
yourilibappindicator3: Fix build.
yourimate-system-monitor: Fix Darwin build.
Makoto FujiwaraImport qcad, but set BROKEN. libtool handling is not correct now, sorry.
Yorick Hardybstone: update to bstone-1.1.7
Kamil RytarowskiImport libdwarf-20160115 as wip/libdwarf.
Kamil Rytarowskilibdwarf: Add missing file to PLIST
Kamil Rytarowskilibdwarf: dwarfdump is GPLv2
Makoto Fujiwara(cad/qcad) Seems packaged fine, but not start running yet.
Makoto Fujiwara(cad/qcad/TODO) Add failing status in TODO.
Eric Garvervis-editor: Update to version 0.2
Thomas Klausner+ icecat-38.7.1.
Makoto Fujiwara (CF-N9Import p5-Term-ReadLine-Perl5-1.41, fork from p5-Term-ReadLine-Perl
Kamil Rytarowskilibdwarf: Remove, imported as pkgsrc/devel/libdwarf
Jim BernardImport texlive tikz-cd 0.9e as wip/tex-tikz-cd{,-doc}.
Jonathan Buschmannneovim: Changes in PLIST
Mateusz PoszwaFLIF-git: Update a patch
Mateusz Poszwai3-git: Update a patch
atomiculesUpdate VIPS to version 8.2.3
atomiculesUpdate elinks-snapshot checksums, etc
Leonardo Taccariproselint: Update wip/proselint to 0.5.3
yourimate-screensaver: fix build on Darwin.
Filip HajnyUpdate fswatch to 1.9.1
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Fix signal to C++ exception translation on NetBSD
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: get thread id on NetBSD is _lwp_self()
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Get realpath(PID) on NetBSD
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Sync PLIST
Filip HajnyUpdate consul to 0.6.4.
Thomas Klausnertaisei: fix build with gcc-5
Filip HajnyUpdate fswatch to 1.9.2.
Filip HajnyUpdate wip/smstools to 3.1.5, the last version released (in 2012) . Fix build, clean up etc.
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Remove unneeded any more patches (merged or improved upstream )
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Remove unneeded patch (merged upstream)
Olaf SeibertChange the required cups to cups15.
yourigcr: Add memrchr for platforms that need it like Darwin and sunos, fix duplicate symbols isue
yourigcr: Fix whitespace
Sergey Svishchevp5-Google-API-Client: patch github issue #23
Leonardo Taccaripy-queuelib: Import py-queuelib-1.4.2 as wip/py-queuelib
Thomas Klausnerdebootstrap: update to 0.80.
Thomas Klausnerpy-xpra: update to 0.16.3.
Leonardo Taccaripy-w3lib: Update py-w3lib to 1.14.2.
Leonardo Taccaripy-scrapi: Update wip/py-scrapi to 1.0.5.
Thomas Klausnerfarstream: remove, chat/farstream is newer
Thomas KlausnerTODO: -llvm, pkgsrc contains newer version
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Try to improve patch for _vsnprintf
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Add support for checking if a process it traced
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Sync local patches with upstream sources
Terin Stockdirenv: add direnv at version 2.8.1
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Sync local patches with upstream
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Sync PLIST with upstream
yourisupertux: Fix build on Darwin
Kamil Rytarowskicorefx-git: Remove local patch to kill hanging tests
Kamil Rytarowskicorefx-git: Require security/mit-krb5
Kamil Rytarowskicorert-git: Switch to stable LLVM+CLANG+LLDB
Kamil RytarowskiImport mono- as wip/mono.
Kamil Rytarowskimono: Bump version to
Kamil Rytarowskimono-git: Prepare for work with upstream
Kamil RytarowskiImport mono-git to track upstream
Kamil Rytarowskimono-git: Fix shell portability
Kamil Rytarowskimono-git: Run ./configure
Kamil Rytarowskimono-git: Simulate Linux's mremap(2) on NetBSD
Kamil Rytarowskimono-git: Remove merged patch
Kamil Rytarowskicorefx-git: Find LIBGSS headers
Kamil Rytarowskimono-git: Eliminate merged patches
Kamil Rytarowskimono-git: Fix portability of a shell construct
Kamil Rytarowskimono-git: try to skip ./configure during
Kamil Rytarowskimono-git: Eliminate merged patch upstream
Kamil Rytarowskimono-git: Push build forward
Kamil Rytarowskimono-git: Push build forward (add forgotten patches)
Kamil Rytarowskimono-git: Add hack patches to push build forward
Kamil Rytarowskimono-git: Add missing #endif
Thomas Klausner+ rust-1.8.
Benny SiegertUpdate nss-pam-ldapd to 0.8.13.
Benny SiegertPull in changes from PR pkg/49804,=?UTF-8?B?IGZyb20gRWRnYXIgRnXDny4=?=
Benny SiegertUpdate nqp to 2016.03.
Benny SiegertNew package, wip/squashfs. From scole_mail in PR pkg/51058.
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Eliminate patches/, issues fixed upstream
Thomas Klausnerpan2-git: remove "-git" from PKGNAME
Kamil Rytarowskicorefx-git: Add README how to run managed code tests
Kamil Rytarowskicorefx-git: Update README
Kamil Rytarowskicorefx-git: Update README
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Move comment to other line
Kamil Rytarowskicorefx-git: Run managed tests as root
yourimate-utils: update to 1.14.0
youripluma: update to 1.14.0
yourimate: - update to 1.14.0 - use a common Makefile - retire unneeded packages - use gtk3 theme
yourimate-user-share: update to 1.14.0
yourimate-system-monitor: update to 1.14.0
yourimate-settings-daemon: update to 1.14.0
yourimate-polkit: update to 1.14.0
yourimate-notification-daemon: update to 1.14.0
yourimate-menus: update to 1.14.0
yourimate-terminal: update to 1.14.0
yourimate-power-manager: update to 1.14.0
yourimate-control-center: update to 1.14.0
yourimate-session-manager: update to 1.14.0
yourimate-desktop: update to 1.14.0
yourimate-common: update to 1.14.0
yourimarco: update to 1.14.0
yourimate-backgrounds: update to 1.14.0
yourilibmateweather: update to 1.14.0
youricaja-dropbox: update to 1.14.0
youricaja: update to 1.14.0
yourieom: update to 1.14.0
youripython-caja: remove unneeded package.
yourimate-netspeed: merged in mate-applets.
yourimate-screensaver: update to 1.14.0
yourilibmatekbd: update to 1.14.0
yourimate-sensors-applet: update to 1.14.0
youriengrampa: update to 1.14.0
yourimate-panel: update to 1.14.0
youricaja-extensions: update to 1.14.0
yourilibmatemixer: update to 1.14.0
yourimate-icon-theme-faenza: update to 1.14.0
yourimate-media: update to 1.14.0
yourimate-netbook: update to 1.14.0
yourimate-icon-theme: update to 1.14.0
youriatril: update to 1.14.0
yourimate-applets: update to 1.14.0
yourimate-themes: update to 3.20.6
yourimozo: update to 1.14.0
yourimate-indicator-applet: update to 1.14.0
Kamil Rytarowskimono-git: Remove merged patch
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Sync PLIST
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: implement CorUnix::GetThreadTimesInternal() for NetBSD-7.0
Leonardo Taccaripathod: remove, now part of net/mitmproxy
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Fix patch
yourimate-desktop: add hicolor-icon-theme.
yourimate: Remove old packages from Makefile.common
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Add README explaining tests
youriatril: needs openssl.
Havard Eidnes Update to Zabbix version 2.4.7. A few patches were adopted upstream. See ChangeLog for complete list of changes.
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Fix usec to nsec calculation
yourimarco: sunos needs _XOPEN_SOURCE 600
yourispidermonkey17: Fix build on SunOS
youripolkit: Fix build on SunOS
yourimate-applets: Fix install on SunOS
Yorick Hardytranslate-shell: fix license
Yorick Hardysvkbd: import svkbd-0nb1
Yorick Hardytranslate-shell: import translate-shell-
Yorick HardyFix SUBDIR for noto-cjk
Yorick Hardyxinput_calibrator: import xinput_calibrator-0.7.5
Yorick Hardynoto-cjk: import noto-cjk-1.004
Yorick Hardysdlpop: import SDLPoP-1.16
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Eliminate patches/, issues addressed upstream
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Sync PLIST with upsream
Kamil Rytarowskimono-git: gsed(1) is used by scripts
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Reenable timeout(1) to kill hanging tests
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Limit semaphore names to 15chars including nul
yourimate-applets: Sync PLIST
yourimate-desktop: Bump required version.
Yorick Hardydumb: Use pkg-config for the correct linker flags
Yorick Hardyags: update to ags-
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Introduce CLR_SEM_MAX_NAMELEN
yourimate-icon-theme-faenza: Sync PLIST
yourimate-screensaver: Sync PLIST
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Fix typo
yourimozo: Sync PLIST
Mark Daviestex-tikz-cd: remove tex-tikz-cd{,-doc}
Mark Daviestex-tikz-cd: remove tex-tikz-cd{,-doc}
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: sprintf_s() returns null string for overflow
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Experiment with stackunwinding
Thomas stopped mirroring lots of stuff, remove/ comment out references to it
Kamil Rytarowskicorefx-git: No more need for timeout(1), no tests hangs
Kamil Rytarowskicorefx-git: Regenerate distinfo
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr/corefx/mono: take maintainership over .NET packages
Sevan JaniyanNote CVE-2016-0785 should struts be updated to 2.x release
Sevan JaniyanNote CVE-2016-2118 for Samba 4.x before 4.2.11, 4.3.x before 4.3.8, and 4.4.x before 4.4.2
Sevan JaniyanNote CVE-2016-2162 should struts be updated to 2.x release
Thomas KlausnerFLIF-git: update for upstream changes.
Thomas Klausneremacs-current: fix paxctl usage on NetBSD.
Thomas Klausneremacs-current: add bug report URL for paxctl issue
Thomas Klausnernss-hg: adapt for upstream changes.
Mateusz PoszwauTox-git: Update wip/uTox-git to 0.8.1
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: make patches apply again
Filip HajnyUpdate hitch to 1.2.0.
Mark Davieskf5: update kde frameworks to 5.21.0
Mark Davieskf5: is no more. change HOMEPAGE
Kamil Rytarowskicorert/llilc: Take maintainership over .NET packages
Kamil Rytarowskillvm-git: Sync PLIST with upstream
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Sync DESCR with devel/lldb/DESCR
Kamil Rytarowskiclang-git: Sync PLIST with upstream
Kamil Rytarowskicorert-git: no more need for mono
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Disable for now the patch for py-six conflict
Kamil Rytarowskiradare2-git: Bump version to 0.10.3
Kamil Rytarowskiradare2-git: Reeanable on NetBSD
Kamil Rytarowskiradare2-git: Remove references to uncommitted patches, fixed upstream
Jonathan PerkinPrune -lutil on SunOS.
Jonathan PerkinFix linker arguments.
Jonathan PerkinEnsure shared packages use the common patchdir.
Jonathan PerkinRemove patch which breaks cwrappers.
Jonathan PerkinUses C99. Fixes SunOS build.
Jonathan PerkinFix build on SunOS.
Jonathan PerkinRemove incomplete patch, breaks gcc. Ok yrmt.
yourimate-screensaver: disable pam for SunOS
Jonathan Perkinpluma: add compat ACCESSPERMS define
Jonathan Perkinmate-control-center: needs itstool.
Thomas Klausneremacs-current: Replace with patches suggested by upstream.
Thomas Klausneremacs-current: add distinfo for patches.
Kamil Rytarowskillvm-git: Sync PLIST with upstream
Kamil Rytarowskiclang-git: Sync PLIST with upstream
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Hack to build it
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Sync PLIST with upstream
Mark Davieskio: add
Mark Davieskplotting: add
Mark Davieskactivities-stats: Import kactivities-stats-4.21.0
Mark Davieskactivities5: Import kactivities5-5.21.0
Mark Davieskcmutils: Import kcmutils-5.21.0
Mark Davieskdeclarative: Import kdeclarative-5.21.0
Mark Davieskinit: Import kinit-5.21.0
Mark Davieskded: Import kded-5.21.0
Mark Davieskparts: Import kparts-5.21.0
Mark Davieskdewebkit: Import kdewebkit-5.21.0
Mark Davieskdesignerplugin: Install kdesignerplugin-5.21.0
Mark Davieskdesu: Install kdesu-5.21.0
Mark Daviesknewstuff: Install knewstuff-5.21.0
Mark Daviesknotifyconfig: Import knotifyconfig-5.21.0
Mark Daviesktexteditor: Import ktexteditor-5.21.0
Mark Davieskxmlrpcclient: Import kxmlrpcclient-4.21.0
Mark Daviesplasma-framework: Import plasma-framework-5.21.0
Mark Daviesoxygen-fonts: Import oxygen-fonts-5.4.3
Mark Daviesframeworkintegration: Import frameworkintegration-5.21.0
Mark Davieskf5: update used by comments
Mark DaviesMakefile: add more kf5 packages
Thomas Klausner+ firebird-3.0, gwyddion-2.45, mythtv-0.28.0.
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: fix build based on suggestion by ryoon@NetBSD
Ryo ONODERAUpdate to 1.5.0
Thomas Klausnergst-plugins1-ximagesrc: Add missing libXext dependency.
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: fix installation.
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: add comment and upstream bug report to patch.
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: add comments and upstream bug reports to patches.
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: remove support for external graphite2 and harfbuzz.
Jeremy C. Reedadd another master site
Filip HajnyUpdate beats to 1.2.2.
Mark Daviesbaloo5: Import baloo5-5.21.0
Mark DaviesMakefile: add baloo5
Mark Davieskf5: update uses comments in Makefile.common, add Makefile
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Remove local patch, merged upstream
Thomas Klausnermk/ use {} consistently.
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: remove unused file.
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: add comment to patch.
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: remove patch that looks for installed hunspell dictionaries.
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: remove unnecessary visibility patches.
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: Remove another unneeded patch.
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: adapt PLIST for upstream changes.
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: disable offmainthread html5 parsing.
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: Remove uncommented or obsolete patches.
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: mention core dump on exit
Kamil Rytarowskillvm-git: Sync PLIST with upstream
Kamil Rytarowskillvm-git: Fix PLIST for the BPF option
Kamil Rytarowskiclang-git: Sync PLIST with upstream
Kamil Rytarowskillvm-git: Remove duplicate entries from PLIST