Index of pkgsrc-wip-changes for March, 2016

=?UTF-8?B?RnLDqWTDqXJpYyBGYXViZXJ0ZWF1?=easyrsa: make 'pkglint -Call -Wall -e' pass
Kamil Rytarowskicorefx-git: Temporarily disable tests on NetBSD disabled on other Unices
Havard EidnesUse fetch/ Remove extraneous PLIST_SUBST settings. Don' t mention python 2.6.
coypuirssi: updated to 0.8.18
coypuirssi: import from pkgsrc
coypuirssi: explain weird part of Makefile, changelog
coypuirssi: make pkglint happy
Thomas Klausneremacs-current: update PLIST for upstream changes.
coypunautilus: updated TODO, Makefile
coypumeta-tracker: update to 1.7.3
coypumeta-tracker: PKGCONFIG_OVERRIDE existing files
carsten.kunzeheirloom-doctools updated to version 160217
Mark Daviesknotifications: Add knotifications 5.19.0
Mark Daviesgpgme: Add gpgme 15.12.2
Mark Davieskwallet: Add kwallet 5.19.0
Mark Daviesbreeze-icons: Add breeze-icons 5.19.0
Mark Davieskpeople: Add kpeople 5.19.0
Mark Davieskunitconversion: Add kunitconversion 5.19.0
Mark Davieskdnssd: Add kdnssd 5.19.0
Havard EidnesNo need to list PYTHON_VERSIONS_ACCEPTED with all versions.
Mark Davieskio: Add kio 5.19.0
Mark DaviesRe: calligra: use DEPENDS with version
Matthieu Monnieransible: bump to v2.0.1.0
coypumeta-tracker: downgrade to 1.6.1
Thomas KlausnerUpdate swift to 3.0.
Thomas Klausnerswift: Remove swift, used for updating chat/swift.
Leonardo TaccariMakefile, heirloom-doctools: update imported in pkgsrc
Nils Ratusznikupdated py-yapf to 0.6.2; changelog for such a big update is too long :/
Mateusz Poszwaviewnior: Prepare for import to pkgsrc.
Mateusz Poszwaviewnior: Update wip/viewnior to 1.6.
Mateusz Poszwaviewnior: Import viewnior-1.3 as wip/viewnior.
Dominik Muthotrtool: Import otrtool-1.2.0 as wip/otrtool.
Yorick Hardygemrb: update to gemrb-0.8.4
Mateusz Poszwauzbl: Change the default path to certificates file.
Mateusz Poszwauzbl-git: Change the default path to certificates file.
Mateusz Poszwaldc: Import ldc-0.17.0 as wip/ldc
coypuirssi: don't break plugins
Nils Ratusznikpython/ is not needed here
Thomas Klausneralsa-lib-git: try different approach for defining all necessary types on non-Linux
Kamil Rytarowskicorefx-git: Try to add timeout(1) to handle hanging tests
Thomas Klausneralsa-lib-git: remove unnecessary chunk.
Thomas Klausneralsa-lib-git: another try at upstream-compatible changes
Thomas KlausnerMakefile: Sync.
Thomas Klausnerpy-click: remove
Thomas Klausnerpari: remove, used for updating math/pari
Leonardo Taccariirssi: use GITHUB_RELEASE in order to avoid a lot of USE_TOOLS.
Leonardo Taccariirssi: avoid to use GITHUB_MASTER_SITES
Leonardo Taccariirssi: add a TODO (currently irssi-0.8.18 breaks irssi-{icb,xmpp})
Kamil Rytarowskicorefx-git: Update patch to use timeout(1)
Kamil Rytarowskicorefx-git: Prototype support for cmakeargs
Tobias NygrenImport openjdk8-openjfx-0nb20160304 as wip/openjdk8-openjfx.
Tobias NygrenMakefile: add openjdk8-openjfx
Kamil Rytarowskicorefx-git: Fix patch for cmakeargs
Tobias Nygrenopenjdk8-openjfx: fix assorted build issues and Linux ifdefs
youriAdd MESSAGE.
youriCleanup and take maintainership.
youriClean and take maintainership.
youriRemove TODO and unclear comment in message.
Kamil Rytarowskicorefx-git: Fix curl usage
youriRemove arcanist, libphutil, phabricator; they're now in pkgsrc.
youriRemove xfburn, imported in pkgsrc.
Matthieu Monnieransible: add comments to patches
coypugnome-session: patch, TODO
coypunautilus: updated to 3.16.2
coypuimport gnome-session from pkgsrc
coypugnome-session: updated to 3.16.1
coypuchromium-new: use GN, not GYP
coypuevolution-data-server: fix clang build
Dominik Muthtigervnc: Import tigervnc-1.6.0 as wip/tigervnc
coypugnome-session: use gsettings schema, not gconf
coypugnome-session: delete TODO
Tobias Nygreng/c some stale packages that made it to pkgsrc
coypuevolution-data-server: appease pkglint
coyputotem-pl-parser: generate .gir files
coypuempathy: appease pkglint
coypuimport gsettings-desktop-schemas from pkgsrc
coypugsettings-desktop-schemas: update to 3.18.1
coyputotem-pl-parser: buildlink to wip
coypugrilo-plugins: update to 0.3.0
coypugrilo: buildlink to wip, build grilo-pls
coyputotem-pl-parser: update to 3.10.6
coypugrilo: downgrade to 0.2.15
coypugrilo: updated to 0.3.0
coypuimport totem-pl-parser from pkgsrc
coypuImport totem from pkgsrc
coypuimport grilo from pkgsrc
coypuimport grilo-plugins from pkgsrc
coypugnome-backgrounds: update to 3.18.0
coypuimport gnome-backgrounds from pkgsrc
coypuImport gnome-applets from pkgsrc
coyputotem: use glib2 schemas, appease pkglint
Benny SiegertRemove wip/fastjar after importing into pkgsrc.
Tobias Nygrenremove references to ruby 1.9.3
Tobias Nygrenfix dangling dependencies
Kamil RytarowskiImport segvcatch-0.9.0 as wip/segvcatch.
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: +segvcatch
Kamil Rytarowskigsettings-desktop-schemas: Remove .core file
Kamil Rytarowski.gitignore: Blacklist *.core files
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Sync PLIST with upstream
coypulibpwquality: added todo, fixed Makefile
coypuimport gnome-menus from pkgsrc
coypugnome-menus: update to 3.10.1
coypuimport gnome-control-center from pkgsrc
coypuimport gnome-panel from pkgsrc
coypulibpwquality: remove TODO
coypupolkit: use mozjs-17, not 1.8.5
coypuevolution-data-server: build depends on libgweather
coypulibgweather: downgrade to 3.16.1
coypugnome-panel: update to 3.16.1
coypugnome-panel: added TODO
Kamil Rytarowskicorefx-git: All local patches are now retired
Leonardo Taccarigit-docs-html: PLIST sync with 2.7.2
Christian Kochskalibs: Add a buildlink3.
Christian KochAdd the s6 supervision suite as wip/s6.
Christian KochAdd the execline scripting language as wip/execline.
Kamil RytarowskiImport thrift-0.9.3 as wip/thrift.
Jonathan Buschmannpy-neovim: Update to 0.1.3
Jonathan Buschmannneovim: Update PLIST for upstream changes
Kamil Rytarowskicorefx-git: Restore timeout(1) usage, many tests still hang
Benny SiegertUpdate MoarVM to 2016.02.
Benny SiegertUpdate rakudo to 2016.02.
Benny SiegertUpdate Panda to 2015.12. No changelog available.
Benny SiegertLook, an installed Perl 6 package!
coypugnome-settings-daemon: still broken
coypuimport gnome-settings-daemon from pkgsrc
coypugle: fix libc++ build, missing PLIST files, depends
coypuyelp-tools: added missing dependency
coypugle: added TODO, test libstdc++ still works
coypucheese: cleaned up build, added TODO
coypuMakefile: added a few missing sub-directories
coypuImport colord
coypuimported broken package argyllcms
coypugle: updated distinfo
Thomas Klausneralsa-lib-git: remove patches that were applied upstream.
Thomas Klausneralsa-lib-git: remove more unnecessary patches
Thomas Klausneralsa-lib-git: remove compat defines that are now handled by the code.
Leonardo Taccariproselint: Import proselint-0.3.5 as wip/proselint
Leonardo Taccariproselint: Improve DESCR
Thomas Klausnerlgogdownloader-git: remove now unnecessary patch.
Thomas Klausnernss-hg: fix patch context.
youriSync PLIST.
Thomas Klausneralsa-lib-git: Part of a patch is not needed on NetBSD, remove it.
coypugdm: update to 3.18.2
coypugeoclue: update to 2.2.0
coypuimport geoclue from pkgsrc
coypucolord: pkgconfig override
coypugeoclue: updated buildlink
coypugnome-settings-daemon: broken update to 3.16.4
coypucheese: update to 3.18.1, crashes at runtime
coypulibgweather: +libsoup in buildlink
coypugnome-settings-daemon: use pkgsrc upower, it's newer
youriFix and sync PLIST.
Thomas Klausnerspidermonkey17: only allow python-2.x, since configure checks for it.
Thomas Klausnergeoclue: Add missing gdbus-codegen build dependency.
Thomas Klausnercolord: add minimal
Thomas Klausnergnome-settings-daemon: add missing dependencies, fix PLIST.
Benny SiegertUpdate TODO to reflect current state.
Tobias Nygrendebootstrap: update ubuntu-archive-keyring distfile
Tobias Nygrenbump llvm & friends to 3.8.0 proper
Benny SiegertUpdate nqp to 2016.02.
Mateusz PoszwaFLIF-git: Import FLIF-0.1alpha as wip/FLIF-git
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Reenable PAL sxs_test1
Tobias Nygrenlldb: needs readline
Tobias NygrenRevert "lldb: needs readline"
Thomas KlausnerSwitch SunOS to gnu11 standard for typeof().
Mateusz Poszwauzbl-git: Remove WebKit1 support.
Mateusz Poszwauzbl-git: Remove merged patch.
Mateusz Poszwaboinc-git: Remove merged patch.
Mateusz Poszwaboinc-git: When searching for GNU make, try checking gmake.
Mateusz Poszwaboinc-git: Require gmake in order to pass checks in _autosetup.
n-t-roffheirloom-doctools 160217 -> 160308
Makoto FujiwaraImport klayout-0.2.4 (but packaging is not completed yet).
Makoto Fujiwara(klayout) (1) The version is 0.24.5, not 0.2.4, (2) Update TODO
Leonardo Taccariheirloom-doctools: remove, used to update textproc/heirloom-doctools
Mateusz PoszwaFLIF-git: Correct WRKSRC.
Tobias Nygren+= operator is wrong for USE_CMAKE
Tobias Nygrenclang: fix lint
Makoto Fujiwara(klayout) adhoc fix added for shared library linking
Makoto Fujiwara(klayout) Trying to add do-install: target
Tobias Nygrencan't use PKG_CXX before the wrappers have been created
Makoto Fujiwara(klayout) is installed
coypuopenssh: untested update to 7.2p2
coypuimport 7.1p1 from pkgsrc
i3enedekimporting sent-0.2; suckless simple presentation tool
Leonardo Taccariproselint: update wip/proselint to 0.4.0.
Thomas Klausnertarsnap-gui: new package
Tobias Nygrendelete clang. Updated in pkgsrc.
Filip HajnyUpdate pgpool2 to 3.5.0, based on patches provided by Mustafa Dogan.
Filip HajnySimplify PKGNAME definition
Filip HajnyAdd pthread bl3
Anders Mundt Duepython #! path is fixed by setuptools, replacing it via the Makefile makes ansible_python_interpreter variable change name to ansible_python2.7_interpreter , leading to confusion
atomiculesUpdate Ledger to 3.1.1
Thomas KlausnerVarious packages: Remove url2pkg markers.
Makoto Fujiwara(klayout) Fix "qt4-tools-4.8.7 not a runtime dependency", thanks ryoon@ for fix.
Makoto Fujiwara(klayout) silence one warning -> Makefile:30--40: Trailing white-space.
Makoto Fujiwara(klayout) silence one more warning for SUBST_SED command
atomiculesUpdate distinfo for Elinks
i3enedekupdating sent-0.2; forgot the DESCR
atomiculesAdd DIST_SUBDIR to elinks-snapshot
atomiculesUpdate VIPS to 8.2.2
atomiculesAdd buildlink to VIPS
atomiculesUpdate distinfo for elinks-snapshot as a result of DIST_SUBDIR
Kamil RytarowskiImport libgraphqlparser-0.4.1 as wip/libgraphqlparser.
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: Add libgraphqlparser
Kamil Rytarowskilibgraphqlparser: Add
Makoto Fujiwara(www/piwik) Update 2.14.0 to 2.16.0
Kamil RytarowskiImport netquery-0nb20160313 as wip/netquery-git.
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: +netquery-git
Kamil Rytarowskinetquery-git: Regenerate PLIST
Ryo ONODERAAdd ekiga and its dependencies
Ryo ONODERAUpdate to 3.18.1
Ryo ONODERApolkit: Do not use %m in printf to show error message
Ryo ONODERAAdd ekiga 4.0.1 and its dependencies
Tobias Nygrenremove references to ruby200
Tobias Nygrenremove references to python 2.6
Thomas Klausnerpy-eapi, py-netmiko: remove python restrictions that allow all versions.
coypugnome-menus: updated buildlink ver
coypuempathy: dont build older gnome
coypuepiphany: change buildlink ver, add license
coypugnome-panel: remove dependencies, change buildlink ver
coypuepiphany: don't build gnome-desktop2
coypuImport colord-gtk as wip/colord-gtk
coypucolord-gtk: added buildink
Thomas Klausnertarsnap-gui: remove, imported to sysutils/tarsnap-gui
atomiculesElixir requires a minimum version of Erlang
Jonathan Buschmannneovim: Change in PLIST for ruby/python provider
Jonathan Buschmannpy-neovim: Update to 0.1.4
, "Eckhardt ]"@wip.pkgsrc.orggcc6snapshot: Snapshot 20160313.
Mateusz Poszwaldc: Adapt to lang/llvm import.
Mateusz Poszwaviewnior: Convert package name to lowercase.
Mateusz Poszwaviewnior: Enable parallel build.
coypugnome-panel: use wip gsetting-desktop-schemas
coypuepiphany: use wip gsettings-desktop-schemas
coypucolord: buildlink lcms2
coypuevolution-data-server: avoid old gnome
coypugnome-applets: broken update to 3.18.2
coypugnome-control-center: broken update to 3.16.3
coypuempathy: use wip gsettings-desktop-schemas
i3enedekUpdated ccrypt to ccrypt-1.10
i3enedekCleaning up osmose
Thomas Klausnerpan2-git: Add a patch to fix the build with clang, from upstream.
Thomas KlausnerFLIF-git: use git:// for repository URL
Thomas KlausnerFLIF-git: needs pkg-config to link png correctly.
i3enedekUpdating bubbros to bubbros-1.6.2
i3enedekUpdated evilvte to evilvte-0.5.1
Mateusz Poszwai3-git: Update wip/i3-git to 4.12.
Mateusz Poszwawmutils-core: Import wmutils-core-1.2 as wip/wmutils-core
Mateusz Poszwai3lock: Enable parallel build.
Mateusz Poszwai3lock: Remove obsolete make flag
Mateusz Poszwai3lock: Use MAKE_FLAGS instead of patching Makefile
Mateusz Poszwai3lock: Use PAM and do not enable setuid root
Mateusz Poszwadwb-gtk2-git: Do not lock to a single commit (also affects dwb-gtk3-git)
coypugjs: update to 1.44, use mozjs24
coypugnome-core: use more wip stuff, glib2 rather than glib
coypuImport glib-networking from pkgsrc
coypuglib-networking: update to 2.44
Thomas Klausnernss-hg: remove -Werror from flags to make this build on NetBSD
i3enedekFixing parafly.
i3enedekImporting htslib-1.3
Kamil Rytarowskilibpwquality: Try to fix python plist generation
Mateusz PoszwauTox-git: Update patches
yourilibpwquality: Fix config installation.
Jason BaconAdd samtools0119
Jason BaconRemove samtools: Renamed to samtools0119
youriProperly deal with the config file.
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: adapt to upstream changes
Thomas Klausnerlibpwquality: fix pkgconfig file.
Thomas Klausnerpy-cracklib: fix installation with python-3.x.
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: fix patch context.
Sevan Janiyan Remove un-needed variables & define url instead of using a variable Pointed out by wiz@
Sevan JaniyanRemove xhyve as the package has now been imported into the pkgsrc tree.
Leonardo Taccariproselint: Update wip/proselint to 0.4.2
Roland IlligFixed directory layout for wip/nim
Thomas Klausnerpy-postgresql supports python-3.x now.
Mateusz PoszwauTox-git: Update patches
Thomas Klausnerlibpwquality: replace patch with version committed upstream.
Mateusz PoszwauTox-git: Update wip/uTox-git to 0.7
Thomas Klausnerpan2-git: Remove patch that was integrated upstream.
Import calltree-perl-1.0 as wip/calltree-perl.
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: describe current failure in TODO
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: remove support for harfbuzz from pkgsrc.
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: remove support for graphite2 from pkgsrc.
coypuCreate broken package Jitsi
coypujitsi: don't pretend to be another OS on netbsd
Sevan JaniyanAdd more chromium vulnerabilities
coypuJitsi: added warning
coypumumble: broken update to 1.2.15, added TODO
coypumumble: removed problem from TODO, fixed
coypugraphite2: update to 1.3.7
coypuImport graphite2 from pkgsrc
coypuelixir: appease pkglint
coypuimport gnutls from pkgsrc
Thomas Klausner+ rust-1.7.
coypugnutls: update to 3.4.10
coypugnutls: link to upstream issue in patch description
n-t-roffmath/sc upgrade 6.21 -> 7.16
n-t-roffpackage sc removed
coypuirssi: updated to 0.8.19
coypugnutls: cleaner fix, obsolete patch
Thomas Klausnergraphite2: remove, used for updating pkgsrc/graphics/graphite2
Thomas KlausnerMakefile: remove graphite2
Yorick Hardypolipo: Update to polipo-1.1.1
Christian Kochskalibs: Don't build shared objects for Darwin.
Thomas Klausner+ debootstrap-1.0.80, py-xpra-0.16.3.
youriAdd dependency on itstool.
youriepiphany: use TOOL_DEPENDS for itstool. (thanks wiz)
Kamil Rytarowskilldb: pkgsrc prefers readline/readline.h in place of editline/readline.h
Kamil Rytarowskilldb: Simplify Makefile
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: Remove lldb and libunwind
Kamil Rytarowskilibunwind: Remove, imported to pkgsrc as lang/libunwind
Kamil Rytarowskilldb: Remove, imported to pkgsrc as devel/lldb
Thomas Klausnerlibpwquality: Add (for gnome-control-center).
youriznc: Update to 1.6.3
Leonardo Taccariabduco: Import abduco-0.6 as wip/abduco
Greg Troxeltrac-plugins-MasterTickets: convert to https
Greg Troxeltrac-plugins-*: Convert trac-hacks to https
Leonardo Taccariproselint: Update wip/proselint to 0.4.4.
Kamil RytarowskiImport quex-0.65.11 as wip/quex.
Pierre ProncheryAdd xterm
Pierre ProncheryAvoid consuming 100% CPU in hold mode when the child exits
Pierre ProncheryPackage xterm 324
Kamil Rytarowskiquex: Try to fix string substitution with FILES_SUBST
Filip HajnyImport erlang-basho 16.2.8 (OTP R16B02).
Filip HajnyUpdate riak to 2.1.3. Unbreak package by linking it against Basho' s own wip/erlang-basho (R16B02), because Riak doesn' t support Erlang more recent than R17.
yrmtmate: update to 1.12
yrmtpython-caja: update to 1.12.0
yrmtImport libmatemixer 1.12.0
yrmtmate update done
yrmtmozo: update to 1.12.0
yrmtmate-terminal: update to 1.12.1
yrmtmate-sensors-applet: update to 1.12.1
yrmtmate-system-monitor: update to 1.12.1
yrmtmate-polkit: update to 1.12.0
yrmtmate-indicator-applet: update to 1.12.1
yrmtmate-user-share: update to 1.12.1
yrmtmate-backgrounds: update to 1.12.0
yrmtmarco: update to 1.12.1
yrmtmate-notification-daemon: update to 1.12.1
yrmtlibdbusmenu-glib: sync plist
yrmtlibmatekbd: update to 1.12.1
yrmtSync plist.
yrmtmate-settings-daemon: update to 1.12.1
yrmtengrampa: update to 1.12.0
yrmtcaja: update to 1.12.6
yrmtmate-screensaver: update to 1.12.0
yrmtcaja-dropbox: update to 1.12.0
yrmtcaja-extensions: update to 1.12.0
yrmtmate-netspeed: update to 1.12.0
yrmtatril: update to 1.12.2
yrmtmate-session-manager: update to 1.12.1
yrmtmate-dialogs: remove obsolete mate package
yrmtmate-panel: update to 1.12.2
yrmtmate-desktop: update to 1.12.1
yrmtmate-netbook: update to 1.12.0
yrmtmate-common: update to 1.12.0
yrmtmate-menus: update to 1.12.0
yrmtmate-control-center: update to 1.12.1
yrmtmate-applets: update to 1.12.1
yrmtmate-icon-theme: update to 1.12.0
yrmteom: update to 1.12.1
yrmtlibmateweather: update to 1.12.1
Filip HajnyOne more distfile to fetch to avoid build-time fetching
yrmtpluma: update to 1.12.2
yrmtmate-utils: update to 1.12.0
yrmtmate-power-manager: update to 1.12.1
yrmtmate-media: update to 1.12.1
yrmtmate-system-tools: remove obsolete MATE package
yrmtmate-icon-theme-faenza: update to 1.12.0
yourimate: don't depend on gnome-main-menu
yourimate: remove dependency on obsolete mate-calc
yourimate-calc: remove obsolete MATE package
yourimate-themes: update to 1.9.0
youriSync package list
Filip HajnyFix yokozuna solr distfile handling for good.
Filip HajnyFix Bash usage in scripts