Index of pkgsrc-wip-changes for February, 2016

Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Disable PTHREAD_STACK_MIN check while undefined
Terin Stockxhyve: Import xhyve-0.2.0 as wip/xhyve
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Eliminate merged patches
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Add draft hacks to push build forward
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Add kludges to builds 23% of sources
coypuMakefile: +vala
coypulibfolks: add useless patch, still broken
coypuevolution-data-server: use wip/vala, still broken
coypuImport vala from pkgsrc
coypuvala: update to 0.30.0
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Remove merged patch
i3enedekAdding ircii-current because of utf-8 fixes.
Filip HajnyRemove PLIST.Darwin, it's not needed anymore
Thomas KlausnerUpdate py-xpra to 0.16.1:
Thomas KlausnerUpdate wip/debootstrap to 1.0.78:
Leonardo Taccaritabbed: delete tabbed, imported in pkgsrc as x11/tabbed
Yorick Hardyxoreos: update to xoreos-0.0.4
Martin add a "hg-cleandir" target to remove all checkouts and state
Martin Husemannfirefox45-hg: add sparc64 support and fix some build issues
K.I.A.Derouichenew pkg: +{py-agaro, py-ahoy, py-amqpipe, py-b3j0f.aop, py-bannock, py-cmtoolkit, py-distob, py-dj-database-url, py-django-idmap,py-enumit , py-fcsparser, py-fealty,py-fmmlib, py-freetype-py, py-galry, py-gogo, py-golangenv, py-goreutilities, py-graphsim, py-gslodeiv2, py-handy, py-hessianfree, py-karta, py-larlib, py-meshio, py-metropack, py-neqsys, py-nosh, py-nphelper, py-nsim, py-opensimplex,py-poster, py-progressbar, py-progressbar2, py-proj, py-psamm, py-shp, py-simulators, py-spams, py-spm1d, py-termcolor, py-trottersuzuki, py-twisted-csp, py-twistml, py-typedecorator, py-verilog, py-virtualenv-clone, py-voropy, py-vtk, py-wasanbon, py-wordpress-xmlrpc, py-wqio, py-xmltodict}
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Trivial fixes to push build further
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Add kludges to build more tests
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Kludge to push build forward
Kamil Rytarowskilibphutil: Fix shebang of bin/aws-s3 and scripts/utils/aws-s3.php
Kamil Rytarowskilibphutil: Update PLIST with upstream
Kamil Rytarowskiarcanist: Update PLIST with upstream
Christian Kochnim: Import the Nim programming language as wip/nim.
Darrin B. Jewellstage a version of octave-4.0.0 for testing before I import it into pkgsrc
Mark Davieskdbusaddons: add
Mark Daviesattica-qt5: Add attica-qt5-5.18.0 as wip/attica-qt5
Mark Davieskcrash: Add kcrash-5.18.0 as wip/kcrash
Mark Davieskglobalaccel: Add kglobalaccel-5.18.0 as wip/kglobalaccel
Mark DaviesMakefile: add attica-qt5, kcrash, kglobalaccel
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Eliminate not needed patches any more
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Drop empty patches
Leonardo Taccarist-term: rename st to st-term
Leonardo Taccarist-term: also adjust wip/Makefile to reflect st rename.
Leonardo Taccarist-term: remove st-term, imported in pkgsrc as x11/st-term
Leonardo Taccarispidermonkey185: document that Python is only needed for the test.
, "Eckhardt ]"@wip.pkgsrc.orggcc6snapshot: Update to 20160131.
Thomas Klausneremacs-current: sync with upstream, add two files.
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Eliminate local patch for NetBSD amd64 registers
Thomas Klausnernspr-hg: adapt patch, 3/4 have been included upstream.
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Remove merged patches, eliminate the ones to reprepare
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Temporarily there is no libunwind
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Make destructors virtual
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Eliminate merged patch for casting pointers
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Remove empty patch
Filip HajnyFix PLIST for newer Ruby
Sevan JaniyanAddress some of the issues raised by pkglint
K.I.A.DerouicheUpdate PLIST and Makefile
Leonardo Taccarisxiv: remove not needed NO_CONFIGURE=yes.
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Remove system headers from tests and build 98% of sources
Filip HajnyRemove SUBST that's useless now
Filip HajnyUpdate beats to 1.1.0.
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Remove merged patches
Leonardo Taccariglfw: add a comment regarding the soname workaround.
Leonardo Taccaripinkpony: glfw is now imported as graphics/glfw, adjust bl3.
Leonardo Taccariglfw: delete glfw, imported in pkgsrc as graphics/glfw.
Thomas Klausnervala: remove, pkgsrc version is the same.
Thomas Klausnerevolution-data-server: fix MASTER_SITES.
Thomas Klausnergcr: add missing build dependency on gdbus-codegen.
Leonardo Taccarisxiv: remove, imported in pkgsrc as graphics/sxiv.
Thomas Klausnerevolution-data-server: add missing gdbus-codegen build dependency
Thomas Klausnerurlwatch: add missing dependencies
Thomas Klausnerpy-minidb: add new package
Thomas KlausnerMakefile: sync, sort
Thomas Klausnerurlwatch: add another dependency.
asieclang-git: Update PLIST
Yorick Hardyurlwatch: Update to urlwatch-2.1
Sergey SvishchevUpdate to 6.1. Changes:
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Improve patches for -Wconstant-conversion
Kamil RytarowskiImport nongnu-libunwind-1.1.0nb20160204 as wip/nongnu-libunwind-git.
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Require py-expat
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Improve patch for fgetpos(3) fsetpos(3)
Marina Brownfswebcam: Add initial skeleton of Makefile
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Remove local patch - fixed upstream differently
Thomas KlausnerTODO: + xf86-video-geode-2.11.18.
Yorick Hardyurlwatch: Use since urlwatch uses setuptools.
Kamil Rytarowskillvm-git: Sync PLIST with upstream
Kamil Rytarowskiclang-git: Sync PLIST with upstream
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Revamp patch for StandaloneBuild
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Fix previous patch
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Eliminate merged patches, improve existings ones
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Eliminate merged patch
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Remove patch again (don't revert it!)
Kamil Rytarowskilibunwind-git: Fix cmake paths
Kamil Rytarowskilibunwind-git: Improve usage of build/ dir to make mkpatches work
Peter Jaslibunwind-git: Remove patch, merged upstream.
Kamil Rytarowskilibunwind-git: Regenerate distinfo
Kamil Rytarowskilibunwind-git: Fix build on NetBSD
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Require libunwind
Kamil Rytarowskilibunwind-git: Remove local patch - committed upstream
Kamil Rytarowskilibunwind-git: Generate PLIST
Kamil Rytarowskilibunwind-git: Add kludge to install headers
Kamil Rytarowskilibunwind-git: Canonicalize paths
jasonwilliams200okcoreclr-git: Remove libunwind related patches.
jasonwilliams200okcoreclr-git: Set library path for NetBSD.
jasonwilliams200okcoreclr-git: Remove obsolete patches.
jasonwilliams200okcoreclr-git: Update distinfo.
Sevan Janiyan Revert some of previous changes as they were valid but flagged due to pkglint4 not handling github related variables.
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Disable FEATURE_HIJACK
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Add support for custom 'struct reg' format
Leonardo Taccarizathura*: take the MAINTAINERship and delete PYTHON_VERSIONS_INCOMPATIBLE
jasonwilliams200oklibcxx-git: Update PLIST after stage-install.
jasonwilliams200okcoreclr-git: Remove stale patches
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Remove kludge for PKGSRC prefix
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Try to inject CMake options via ENV
Yorick Hardybstone: Update to bstone-1.1.6
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Fix typo and stop using new-lines (just in case)
jasonwilliams200okcorefx-git: Include path workaround Need to add support in like we are doing in coreclr-git. FYI @krytarowski
jasonwilliams200okcorefx-git: Build only native assemblies for now.
jasonwilliams200okcorefx-git: Update distinfo.
jasonwilliams200okcorefx-git: Use sys/types header for u_int
jasonwilliams200okcorefx-git: Feature detect two pal_errno symbols
astFCGI:: Daemon is a small FastCGI server for use as CGI-wrapper suitable for Perl scripts being served by the nginx web server.
astAdd -X option for debugging
astAdd -X option
Alexander NasonovSwitch to github and take an opportunity to update to 1.14.4.
astexternalize debug flag with -X option
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: We need USE_CMAKE to get CMAKE_ARGS defined
jasonwilliams200okcorefx-git: Misc. patches for native assemblies
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Cleanup bash string injection (still broken)
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Pass env variables via Makefile (thanks riastradh@)
Kamil Rytarowskicorefx-git: Inject pkgsrc env and args to CMake
Makoto Fujiwara(multitail) Candidate for misc/multitail
Mark Daviesremove openal-soft - imported to pkgsrc as audio/openal-soft
Mark DaviesuTox-git: openal-soft now in audio
Mark Daviesremove p5-HTML-CalendarMonthSimple, imported into pkgsrc as www/ p5-HTML-CalendarMonthSimple
Mark Daviesremove p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-Session
Mark Davieskservice: add kservice-5.18.0 as wip/kservice
Mark Davieskservice: add
Mark Davieskitemmodels: add kitemmodels-5.18.0 as wip/kitemmodels
Kamil Rytarowskicorefx-git: Revamp Makefile for passing env and args to
Thomas Klausnernss-hg: adapt patch to upstream changes.
Leonardo Taccarizathura: adjust USE_TOOLS to reflect current reality
Leonardo Taccarigirara: adjust USE_TOOLS and minor cosmetic fixes
coypugcr: added gtk3 to buildlink for gnome-keyring
coypuImport gnome-keyring from pkgsrc
coypugnome-keyring: updated to 3.18.3
coypugnome-keyring: complete LOCAL_CRED removal, add LICENSE
jasonwilliams200okcorefx-git: Shim for gethostby{name,addr}
Charlie Rootnss-hg: Moved ctype patch
coypugnome-keyring: added TODO
Mateusz Poszwatoxic: Build against audio/openal-soft to avoid conflicts with uTox.
coypunss-hg: Moved ctype patch, don't destroy distinfo
coypuRevert "nss-hg: Moved ctype patch"
jasonwilliams200okcorefx-git: Feature detect ip_mreq and ip_mreqn
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Add support for NetBSD FP regs
jasonwilliams200okcorefx-git: Fixup patches
jasonwilliams200okcorefx-git: Fixup patches.
jasonwilliams200okcorefx-git: Add compiler switch to turn off error
Christian KochUpdate pioneer to the latest version.
Filip Hajny Switch fswatch to use the release tarball instead of the tagged one. This avoids the gettext-tools dependency. Sadly you ' ll need to need to kill any fswatch-1.8.0.tar.gz distfile fetched previously.
i3enedekBump to dwarf_fortress-42.05
Mateusz Poszwai3-git: Build documentation.
Mateusz Poszwai3-git: Enable logging and SHM support.
Mateusz Poszwai3-git: Convert to git-package.
Mateusz Poszwai3-git: Import i3-4.11 as wip/i3-git.
jasonwilliams200okcorefx-git: Add networking features detections
jasonwilliams200okcorefx-git: Disable the missing errno symbols
jasonwilliams200okcorefx-git: Add a missing header
jasonwilliams200okcorefx-git: Remove the uncommon errno symbols based on the conversation that transpired at dotnet /corefx#5983.
jasonwilliams200okcorefx-git: Include curl in Makefile
Mateusz Poszwallvm-git: Sync PLIST with upstream.
Sevan JaniyanUpdate to Varnish 4.1.1
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Draft patches fixing several issues
Thomas Klausnerswift: update to 3.0rc2. Switch to qt5.
Thomas Klausnerswift: chat/swift updated to 3.0beta2
jasonwilliams200okcoreclr-git: Remove patches merged upstream
jasonwilliams200okcorefx-git: Remove merged patches Also add back those which were accidentally removed in 63c5b19.
jasonwilliams200okcorefx-git: Fixup existing patches
jasonwilliams200okcoreclr-git: Add workaround for DAC_TABLE_RVA
Mateusz Poszwallvm-git: Sync PLIST with upstream.
Leonardo Taccaricsvutils,fortunes-it,libcsv: update email address.
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Add kludge to omit missing DAC_TABLE_RVA
i3enedekAdding zbackup 1.4.4
Mateusz Poszwaldc-git: partially port DRuntime to NetBSD.
Thomas Klausner+ icecat-38.6.0.
i3enedekFixing perms. in zbackup
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Strip package from upstreamed patches
Sevan JaniyanUpdate to 2016.01
Sevan JaniyanUpdate to 2016.01
Sevan JaniyanUpdate to 2016.01
Kamil Rytarowskillvm-git: Regen PLIST
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Include <stdlib.h> for alloca(3) and <time.h> for time(3)
Kamil Rytarowskiclang-git: Sync PLIST with upstream
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Decime merged patches
Thomas Klausnermdds: remove, used for updating the pkgsrc version.
Thomas Klausnerlibetonyek: remove, version in pkgsrc is now newer.
Kamil Rytarowskiclang-git: try to resurrect linking against libc++
Kamil Rytarowskilibcxx-git: Regen PLIST
Kamil Rytarowskiclang-git: try to link against libstdc++
Kamil Rytarowskiclang-git: Rework package and allow to use pkgdiff(1)
Leonardo Taccarispidermonkey17: Fix installation and other minor issues
Leonardo Taccarispidermonkey17: simplify PKGNAME :S string replacement.
Guillaume Delpierrebump py-cookiecutter and dependencies ; add py-poyo as future dependencie of the project py-cookiecutter
Guillaume Delpierreremove ghost file
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Prefer BSD uuid
coypuImport htop-2.0.0 as wip/htop
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: More CMake sugar for NetBSD
Mark Davieskf5: update to Frameworks 5.19.0
Mark Daviesattica-qt5: update to 5.19.0
Mark Davieskapidox: update to 5.19.0
Mark Davieskarchive: update to 5.19.0
Mark Davieskcodecs: update to 5.19.0
Mark Davieskcompletion: update to 5.19.0
Mark Davieskconfig: update to 5.19.0
Mark Davieskcoreaddons: update to 5.19.0
Mark Davieskcrash: update to 5.19.0
Mark Davieskdbusaddons: update to 5.19.0
Mark Davieskdoctools: update to 5.19.0
Mark Davieskglobalaccel: update to 5.19.0
Mark Davieskguiaddons: update to 5.19.0
Mark Davieski18n: update to 5.19.0
Mark Davieskidletime: update to 5.19.0
Mark Davieskimageformats: update to 5.19.0
Mark Davieskitemmodels: update to 5.19.0
Mark Davieskitemviews: update to 5.19.0
Mark Davieskplotting: update to 5.19.0
Mark Davieskservice: update to 5.19.0
Mark Davieskwidgetsaddons: update to 5.19.0
Mark Davieskwindowsystem: update to 5.19.0
Mark Daviessolid: update to 5.19.0
Mark Daviesthreadweaver: update to 5.19.0
Thomas Klausneremacs-current: update PLIST for upstream changes.
Thomas KlausnerTODO: + py-xpra-0.16.2.
Thomas Klausnernss-hg: make patch apply again.
Thomas Klausnerpy-xpra: update to 0.16.2.
Mark Daviespolkit-qt5: fix pkgname and dependencies
Mark Davieskauth: add kauth 5.19.0
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Add time(3) to PAL
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Remove obsoleted patches
Leonardo Taccari- girara,zathura*: imported in pkgsrc
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Improve patch for checking for BSD uuid.h
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Replace exit(0) with return 0
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Improve RPATH handling
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git Stub for building mscorlib.dll on NetBSD
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Add do-test target
Ryo ONODERApicocom: Remove this, packaged and imported by me independently.
Guillaume Delpierreupdate package py-rpyc ; add py-plumbum as py-rpyc package dependencie
Mark Davieskconfigwidgets: Add kconfigwidgets 5.19.0
Mark Davieskiconthemes: Add kiconthemes 5.19.0
Mark Daviessonnet: Add sonnet 5.19.0
Mark Daviesktextwidgets: Add ktextwidgets 5.19.0
Mark Davieskxmlgui: Add kxmlgui 5.19.0
Mark Davieskbookmarks: Add kbookmarks 5.19.0
Mark Davieskjobwidgets: Add kjobwidgets 5.19.0
Mark DaviesMakefile: add some more kf5 packages
Mark Davieskpackage: Add kpackage 4.19.0
Mark Davieskpty: Add kpty 5.19.0
Thomas Klausnerbup-git: add two new files to match upstream.
Thomas Klausnernss-hg: make patch apply again
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Remove merged patches
Matthieu MONNIERThis package is finished.
coypuhtop: better patch from upstream
coypup11-kit: disable a feature to build
Thomas Klausnernss-hg: Fix C99'ism so this progresses further.
coypupy-cracklib: added buildlink
coypuCreate libpwquality as wip/libpwquality
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Another attempt towards alloca(3) fix
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Fix SOS build
Eric Garvervis-editor: Import vis-0.1 as wip/vis-editor.
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Remove all draft patches
coypuevolution-data-server: clean up Makefile
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Improve patch for alloca(3)
K.I.A.DerouicheUpdate new version : 1.5
K.I.A.Derouicheadded and modified DESCR
K.I.A.Derouiche2015-12-22 Andy Buckley <>
K.I.A.Derouiche+concorde, py-lentools, py-trimesh, motti, gsegrafix, gnujump, py-gpkit in wip
Eric Garvervis-editor: Remove unnecessary coreutils dependency.
Darrin B. Jewellremove octave4 since it's been imported into mainline as math/octave
Darrin B. Jewellfix DESTDIR support
Mateusz Poszwallvm-git: Regen PLIST
Mark Davieskemoticons: add kemoticons 5.19.0
Mark Davieskfilemetadata5: Add kfilemetadata5 5.19.0
Havard EidnesAdd ansible-junos-stdlib version 1.2.0.
Filip HajnyUpdate beats to 1.1.1.
Havard EidnesDon't actually need python's
Havard EidnesAdd py-netmiko version 0.3.0.
coypucalligra: Added more dependencies
Havard EidnesChange to use py prefix.
coypucalligra: use DEPENDS for oxygen-icons
Havard EidnesAdd py-scp version 0.10.2, a python scp client using py-paramiko for transport.
Havard EidnesRemove bits we don't use.
coypuqtcreator: use valid MASTER_SITES
Filip HajnyUpdate oce to 0.17.1.
coypucalligra: use DEPENDS with version
coypucalligra: remove redundant dependencies
coypucalligra: patch to detect RAM
coypuarcanist: add php-curl, php-json dependencies
coypuarcanist: use PHP_PKG_PREFIX in Makefile
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Fix usage of -DCORECLR_SET_RPATH
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Remove merged patches
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Regen distinfo
Christian KochImport Lugaru from Wolfire Games as wip/lugaru.
Thomas KlausnerTODO: + moe-1.8.
Havard EidnesRemove a comment which no longer applies.
Havard EidnesMove the installed files to the new share/ansible/roles tree, out from under etc/, so we avoid the "use CONF_FILES" complaints from pkgsrc.
Guillaume Delpierreadd py-ruamel-{base,ordereddict,yaml} to Makefile
Guillaume Delpierreadd py-ruamel-yaml as dependencie and py-chardet as build_depends
Jonathan Buschmannneovim: Fix PLIST and change for jemalloc import
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Stop depending upon mono, no longer needed
Mateusz Poszwallvm-git: Regen PLIST
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Fix recent regression and snprintf(3) usage
Jonathan Buschmannjemalloc: Remove from wip imported into devel/
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Improve patch for _vsnprintf()
Christian KochImport xoreos-tools 0.0.4 as wip/xoreos-tools.
i3enedekUpdating redshift to use
i3enedekUpdate uget to 2.0.5
Thomas Klausnerwanderer: improve PKGNAME and fix some compilation warnings.
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Revamp patch for _vsnprintf()
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Add patches for _vsnprintf()
Sergey Svishchevvista-fonts: unbreak packaging
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Proper fix for struct tm redefinition breakage
Sergey SvishchevInitial import of p5-Google-API-Client 0.14
Sergey SvishchevInitial import of p5-HTTP-Request-StreamingUpload 0.01
Sergey SvishchevInitial import of p5-JSON-WebToken 0.10.
Sergey SvishchevInitial import of p5-Getopt-Args 0.1.18.
i3enedekredshift: forgot about gettext; fixed.
Thomas Klausneremacs-current: add svg.el to match upstream changes.
i3enedekBump dwarf_fortress to 42.06
Christian KochFix the installation procedure for fallingtime.
Christian KochImport phaethon 0.0.4 as wip/phaethon.
Guillaume Delpierreadd py-ruamel-yaml as py-cookiecutter dependencie and py-ruamel-base / py-ruamel-ordereddict as py-ruamel-yaml dependencies
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Handle NetBSD specific pthread_setschedparam(3)
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Eliminate merged patches
Mateusz Poszwallvm-git: Regen PLIST
Tobias Nygrenllvm: copy from llvm-git, and base on 3.8.0rc1 source
Tobias Nygrenllvm*: don't set WRKSRC to build dir, use CONFIGURE_DIRS for that
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Disably unsupported tests
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Remove merged patches
Tobias Nygrenllvm: add patches from pkgsrc
Tobias Nygrenllvm*: use WRKSRC-relative path in REPLACE_*
Tobias Nygrenllvm*: fix test target
Tobias Nygrenclang-git: sync PLIST w/ upstream
Tobias Nygrenclang-git: ditto Makefile cleanups (like llvm-git)
Tobias Nygrenlldb-git: patch path rototil
Tobias Nygrenlldb-git: ditto Makefile cleanups (like llvm-git)
Tobias Nygrenlldb-git: patch-path rototil
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Walkaround getrusage(2) bug with timers going down
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Include patch for getrusage(2) fix
Thomas Klausner+ ardour-4.7, debootstrap-1.0.79.
Thomas Klausnerdebootstrap: update to 1.0.79.
Tobias Nygrenllvm*: optionalize backend targets
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Backport patch by @juergenhoetzel to fix cmake
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Mimic FreeBSD and disable sxs_test1 for now
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Set RPATH properly
Mateusz PoszwauTox-git: Update wip/uTox-git to 0.6.0
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Remove merged patch
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Add scratch for install target
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Cleanup PLIST generation
coypulibfolks: disable eds backend to build
Mateusz Poszwai3-git: Enable parallel build.
Tobias Nygrenllvm*: PYTHON_FOR_BUILD_ONLY
Tobias Nygrenllvm*: drop unused libxml2 dependency
coyputelepathy-logger: update to 0.8.2
coypuImport telepathy-logger from pkgsrc
coyputelepathy-logger: updated buildlink
coypulibfolks: use newer libgee in buildlink
coyputelepathy-logger: don't use telepathy-glib
coypuempathy: fix dependencies so it builds
youriImport phabricator-20160221 as wip/phabricator.
coypuImport epiphany from pkgsrc
coypuepiphany: builds, still won't work
coypuepiphany: added TODO
Tobias Nygrenllvm: g/c obsolete patch
Tobias NygrenlibLLVM: add package containing LLVM shared library only
coypuepiphany: runs but badly, could be webkitgtk
coypulibfolks: wrong path in buildlink
coypugnome-core: change versions, avoid clutter-gst3
coypunautilus: some steps towards building
coypumeta-tracker: temporary kludge while missing packages
Tobias Nygrenllvm-git: catch up w/ upstream
Tobias Nygrensplit clang-static-analyzer-git from clang-git
youri- Fix installation - Fix files permissions
coypugnome-core: use wip more, gdk-pixbuf2..
Mateusz Poszwaboinc-git: Import boinc-7.6 as wip/boinc-git.
Havard EidnesAdd py-junos-netconify, a package for Junos console/ bootstrap New-Out-Of-Box (NOOB) configuration automation, version 1.0.2.
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Eliminate merged patches
Jonathan Buschmannmsgpack-git: Update PLIST for changes upstream, set version to 1.4.0
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Use BUILDLINK_PASSTHRU_RPATHDIRS (thanks tnn@)
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Add
Tobias NygrenlibLLVM: mesa wants AMDGPU target
Tobias Nygrenllvm: fix bl3 dependency patterns
Tobias Nygrenfix previous
Tobias Nygrenon second thought, it' s better to use a DEPENDS line than abusing BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS
Tobias Nygrenclang: add 3.8.0rc1 package
Tobias Nygrenclang-static-analyzer: add 3.8.0rc1 package
Kamil Rytarowskillilc-git: Add initial scratch patches
Kamil Rytarowskillilc-git: Make this package building
Tobias Nygrenbe explicit about which llvm-config(1) to use, there could be more than one
Dean MatzkovAdd wla-dx as wip/wla-dx-git
Tobias Nygrenlldb-git: fix lint and PLIST
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Try to fix includes
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Fix buildlink against custom paths with headers
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Try to fix corjit.h
Pierre ProncheryRoll out deforaos-{asm,cpp} as both are in pkgsrc now
Tobias Nygrenlldb-git: note TODO item
Tobias Nygrenlldb: add lldb 3.8.0rc1
coypumeta-tracker: Broken update to 1.7.3
coypugdm: take OpenBSD patches
Kamil Rytarowskillilc-git: Temporarily drop local patches
Kamil Rytarowskillilc-git: Use MS version of llvm
Filip HajnyUpdate ruby-libv8 to Only bundled v8 build fixes added.
Filip HajnyUpdate ruby-therubyracer to 0.12.2.
youriUpdate phabricator, use a netbsd generated archive
Guillaume DelpierreAdd DEPENDS regarding version of python
Guillaume DelpierreUse instead of ; regenerate PLIST
Guillaume DelpierreUse different PLIST depending of the version of python
youriUse github rather than tarballs.
Thomas Klausnerpy-whichcraft: Fix path to, remove unnecessary line.
Dean MatzkovAdd Elixir as wip/elixir
coypucalligra: remove mysql-client dependency
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Remove merged patch
Thomas MerkelVersion bump of dma to v0.11 and fix build on SunOS
Kamil Rytarowskillilc-git: Disable -Werror
Kamil Rytarowskillilc-git: Generate PLIST
Tobias Nygrenxf86-video-virtualbox: bump to 5.0.14, fix build
Kamil Rytarowskillilc-git: Add hack patch to make it building
Tobias Nygrenclang-git: regen patch
Tobias Nygrenlldb: don't try to pass non-trivial type through variadic function
Tobias Nygrenlldb: don't conflict with py27-six
Kamil Rytarowskiclang: Use proper SUBSTs for libstdc++ in 3.8
coypuAdd extremely broken chromium-new
Kamil RytarowskiImport catch-1.3.4 as wip/catch.
Kamil Rytarowskicatch: Add test target
Christian KochImport the LOLCODE C interpreter as wip/lci.
Dean Matzkovosmose: update to 0.9.96 and overhaul a number of things
Thomas MerkelFix prefix issue for configuration files
Thomas KlausnerMakefile: Sort.
Thomas KlausnerMakefile: sync.
Thomas Klausneralsa-lib-git: add package based on audio/alsa-lib, for upstreaming.
Thomas Klausnerpy-cookiecutter: fix build with python-3.x.
Thomas Klausnerpy-cookiecutter: Add upstream pull request for
Havard Eidnes pyIOSXR is a python library to help interact with Cisco devices running IOS-XR , in the spirit of pyEOS for Arista EOS devices and pyEZ for JUNOS devices.
Havard EidnesAdd py-napalm, version 0.51.0.
Thomas Klausneralsa-lib-git: define EBADFD in a central location.
Guillaume DelpierreAdd patch for in order to correct utf8 issue
Guillaume DelpierreBump to version 6.3 in order to correct a bug
Guillaume Delpierreuse instead of
Guillaume Delpierreuse py{2,3}x vars
Guillaume DelpierreAdd patch description ; correct some mistakes
Guillaume Delpierreupdate distinfo
Havard EidnesAdd py-eapi aka. pyeapi version 0.6.0: library to interact with Arista boxes.
Havard EidnesAdd dependency on newly added wip/py-eapi package.
Tobias Nygrenlibunwind-git: reduce diff to what a non-git package would use
Tobias Nygrencoreclr-git: adjust ifdefry for va_list platform specific insanities
Tobias Nygrencoreclr-git: Makefile cleanup, fix build with clang
Tobias Nygrenclang: since unit tests add a dependency, wrap them under "tests" option
Tobias Nygrenllvm: fix misdetected host triple on NetBSD/evbarm
Tobias NygrenlibLLVM: fix wrong host triple here too
Tobias Nygrenlibunwind: replace with LLVM libunwind
Nils Ratusznikupdated to latest dev version + fixed silly type
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: -wklejto
Kamil RytarowskiRemove wip/catch - Imported to pkgsrc as devel/catch
Kamil RytarowskiRemove wip/wklejto - is offline for longer time
Kamil Rytarowskillilc-git: Remove merged patches
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Set LD_LIBRARY_PATH for one test with shared libs
Tobias Nygrenllvm/clang: dylib PLIST fixes
Guillaume Delpierrepy-chardet is not just a build depends
Matthieu MONNIERansible: bump to v2.0.0.2
coypullvm-git: Comment out part of Makefile, fixes build
i3enedekImporting stress-ng-0.05.18 to wip.
Havard EidnesMake sure to install junos_views.yml.
Havard EidnesMake sure the junos_views.yml file gets installed. Bump PKGREVISION.
i3enedekImporting stress-1.0.4 to wip.
Havard EidnesComment out modules which have not yet been packaged, to allow this to work with what we've got so far. Bump PKGREVISION.
Havard EidnesReenable the IOS module, it' s included in this package. FortiOS and NX-OS remain disabled because prerequisites have yet to be packaged.
Tobias Nygrenllvm/clang: more Darwin installation fixes
yrmtFix install on NetBSD.
Tobias Nygrenclang: install clang-cpp symlink as discussed on #pkgsrc
Jonathan Buschmannctags-git: Use perl now to generate some files
Thomas Klausnerpy-cookiecutter: use upstream fix for C locale.
Kamil Rytarowskicorefx-git: Remove merged patch
Kamil Rytarowskicorefx-git: Backport pending patch for an elimination of PCL
Christian KochImport the skarnet C programming library as wip/skalibs.
Havard EidnesActually, the IBM blade server module depends on external modules we have not yet packaged , so comment that out for now.
=?UTF-8?B?RnLDqWTDqXJpYyBGYXViZXJ0ZWF1?=easyrsa: bump revision
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Fix recent breakage
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Sync PLIST with upstream
Kamil RytarowskiImport rdns-3.9.0nb20160227 as wip/rdns-git.
Tobias Nygrenllvm: fix MASTER_SITE
Tobias Nygrenclang: detect if PKG_CXX is using libc++ or libstdc++ and configure accordingly
Makoto Fujiwara(ham/gnuradio*) Update to Will prepare commit log, thanks
Kamil RytarowskiImport libwebsockets-1.7.2 as wip/libwebsocket.
Kamil Rytarowskilibwebsockets: Backport upstream patch to build tests
Kamil Rytarowskielfcat: Remove, imported to pkgsrc as devel/elfcat
Kamil Rytarowskilibwebosckets: Remove stale libwebsocket/ dir
Tobias Nygrenclang: bump to 3.8.0rc2 (although I hear rc3 is around the corner)
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: -elfcat, imported to pkgsrc as devel/elfcat
Tobias NygrenlibLLVM: bump to 3.8.0rc2. Add missing shlib symlink.
Kamil Rytarowskirdsn-git: Add initial NetBSD support patches
Kamil Rytarowskirdsn-git: More draft patches for NetBSD
Kamil Rytarowskirdsn-git: Add more draft patches for NetBSD
Kamil Rytarowskirdsn-git: Disable MAKE_JOBS_SAFE - it's not helping now
Kamil Rytarowskirdsn-git: Rename package name to rdsn-git
Kamil Rytarowskirdsn-git: Set better HOMEPAGE
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: +libwebsockets
Kamil Rytarowskilibweboscket: Add comment about -DLWS_WITHOUT_TESTAPPS=ON
Kamil Rytarowskilibwebsockets: Add
Kamil Rytarowskilibwebosckets: Rename libwebsocket to libwebsockets
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: Add rdsn-git
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Remove merged patch
Kamil Rytarowskicoreclr-git: Remove merged patch
Kamil RytarowskiImport cmark-0.24.1 as wip/cmark.
Kamil Rytarowskicmark: Fix installation dir of man-pages
Kamil Rytarowskicmark: Fix ctype(3) usage
Sevan JaniyanNote CVE-2013-7447
Yorick Hardytask: update to task-2.5.1 bugfix release
Kamil Rytarowskilumina: New version 0.8.8 + remove merged patches
Kamil Rytarowskilumina-i18n: Update to 0.8.8
Kamil Rytarowskicmark: Comment patches
Kamil Rytarowskicmark: Add test target
Kamil Rytarowskicmark: Fix typo in MAINTAINER (thanks leot@)
Kamil Rytarowskicmark: Remove, imported to pkgsrc as textproc/cmark
Kamil Rytarowskilumina: Require x11/qt5-qtsvg
Kamil Rytarowskilumina: Add kludge to fix installation
Kamil Rytarowskilumina: Improve kludge patch
Kamil Rytarowskilumina: Remove xterm from dependencies, it's a soft one
Mateusz Poszwaboinc-git: Avoid depending on bash.
coypugnome-keyring: don't build non-wip package
coypumeta-tracker: fix sqlite3/dbus-glib problem
Mateusz PoszwauTox-git: Update wip/uTox-git to 0.6.1
Nils Ratusznikupdated to latest version
Nils Ratuszniksailor: updated PLIST
Filip HajnyUpdate libcouchbase to 2.5.6.
youriAdd rc.subr script.
youriclean up.
youriremove non existant functions
Thomas Klausneralsa-lib-git: remove part of a patch that was applied upstream
Thomas Klausneralsa-lib-git: add some proposed patches for better portability (types)
=?UTF-8?B?RnLDqWTDqXJpYyBGYXViZXJ0ZWF1?=easyrsa: use ways from fetch/
Havard EidnesAdd SHA512 checksum.
Havard EidnesUse fetch/ Remove superflous PLIST_SUBST settings. Use " pax -rw -pp" instead of just "pax -rw" . Add dependency on py-junos-netconify, now that it's packaged.
Havard EidnesUse fetch/ Remove extraneous PLIST_SUBST settings. Remove mention of python 2.6.
Havard EidnesUse fetch/ Remove extraneous PLIST_SUBST settings. Don' t refer to python 2.6.
Havard EidnesRemove extraneous PLIST_SUBST settings. Use fetch/
Mateusz Poszwauzbl-git: Update uzbl-git to 0.9.0.
Mateusz Poszwauzbl: Update wip/uzbl to 0.9.0.
Mateusz Poszwauzbl: Import uzbl-2012.05.14 as wip/uzbl.
=?UTF-8?B?RnLDqWTDqXJpYyBGYXViZXJ0ZWF1?=easyrsa: add man page