Index of pkgsrc-wip-changes for November, 2015

Tobias Nygrenqt5-dbus is gone, provided by qt5-qtbase
Tobias Nygrentreeviewx: switch to the version maintained by Debian Med team
Tobias Nygrenrename treeview to treeviewx
Tobias NygrenMakefile: sync SUBDIRs
Tobias Nygrensyslog-ng2: remove, sysutils/syslog-ng is many years ahead of this
Tobias Nygrenuthash: remove, was imported to devel/uthash
K.I.A.DerouicheFix line in
Tobias Nygrengts: try harder to find netpbm headers
Tobias Nygrenpy-queue: githubify
Tobias Nygrenpy-queue: renamed to py-mailq to match what upstream did
Tobias Nygrenpy-*: various PY_VERSIONS_INCOMPATIBLE, DESTDIR, dependency and PLIST fixes
Tobias Nygrendon't depend on py-setuptools directly
Tobias Nygrenapache-velocity: broken after jakarta-oro was removed, so remove it too
Tobias Nygrendon't depend directly on database server packages
Tobias Nygrenio-*: Update to 2013.12.04. Restore to mostly working order.
Tobias Nygrenio-regex: fix build
Tobias Nygrenq3-urbanterror: remove, depends on removed games/quake3arena
Makoto Fujiwara(mk/ New file. (wxGTK/ deleted
Sevan JaniyanMention CVE-2015-6031
Sevan JaniyanMention DSA-3376-1
Adrian SteinmannAdditional dependency on p5-Image-ExifTool is needed
Jonathan Buschmannlibunibilium: Update wip/libunibilium to libunibilium-1.2.0
Jonathan Buschmannlibtermkey: Update wip/libtermkey to libtermkey-0.18
Jonathan Buschmannneovim: Update wip/neovim to neovim-0.1.0-git
K.I.A.Derouiche+ py-translationstring in pkgsrc
K.I.A.Derouiche+new package py-zope.deprecation
K.I.A.Derouiche+new py-venusian in pkgsrc
Kai-Uwe Eckhardtgcc6snapshot: Update to 20151101.
K.I.A.DerouicheRelease 0.9.3
Thomas Klausnerpy-joblib: remove PKGREVISION after update.
K.I.A.DerouicheUpdate new Version!
K.I.A.DerouicheNew package in pkgsrc-wip
Thomas Klausnerpy-scikit-learn: remove WRKSRC, it's the default.
Thomas Klausnerpy-equation: remove WRKSRC, it's the default.
Thomas Klausnerpy-*: remove PYTHON_VERSIONS_ACCEPTED= 34 33 27
Tobias NygrenRe: Update new Version!
K.I.A.Derouichenew three package: py-hamopy, py-scalpy, py-thermistor
Makoto Fujiwara(wip/trustedQSL) (1) sync to proper (2) Add code to migrate wxGTK30, not build yet
Makoto Fujiwara(wip/trustedQSL) Add patch for wxGTK30
Makoto Fujiwara(mk/ Correction to PATH for including
Leonardo Taccarilibstrophe: Import wip/libstrophe as libstrophe-0.8.8.
Leonardo Taccariprofanity: Import wip/profanity as profanity-0.4.7.
Kamil RytarowskiImport wp2md as wip/wp2md.
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: +wp2md
Kamil Rytarowskiwp2md: Make this package easier to reuse without GH account
Kamil Rytarowskiwp2md: Add new deps py-{html2text,markdown}
Thomas Klausnerlibuv: remove, devel/libuv is newer.
Thomas KlausnerPost-release bump to 0.14.
David Carlierinitial commit of geoloc
Leonardo Taccarilibstrophe: add SHA512 checksums
Mateusz Poszwaosg: Import osg-3.0.1 as wip/osg.
Mateusz Poszwaosc: Update wip/osc to 3.4.0.
Mateusz Poszwasimgear: Import simgear-2.8.0 as wip/simgear.
Mateusz Poszwasimgear: Update wip/simgear to 3.4.0.
Mateusz Poszwaflightgear: Update wip/flightgear to 3.4.0.
Mateusz Poszwaflightgear: Import flightgear-2.8.0 as wip/flightgear.
Mateusz PoszwaAdd flightgear to wip/Makefile. (Oops)
Mateusz Poszwafdupes: Update wip/fdupes to 1.51.
Mateusz Poszwafdupes: Import fdupes-1.40 as wip/fdupes.
Kamil RytarowskiImport mindy-0.0.0nb20151107 as wip/mindy-git.
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: +mindy-git
Kamil Rytarowskimindy-git: Remove upastreamed patches
Thomas Klausner+ lxqt-0.10, mate-1.12.
Leonardo Taccarihasciicam: Update wip/hasciicam to 1.3 and modernize it.
Sevan JaniyanAMD64 MACHINE_ARCH is gone, use x86_64
Sevan JaniyanUpdate to LibreSSL 2.2.4
Sevan JaniyanAdd Hypatia via Brian Callahan
Mateusz Poszwaflightgear-data: Update wip/flightgear-data to 3.4.0.
Mateusz Poszwaflightgear-data: Import flightgear-data-2.8.0 as wip/flightgear-data.
Thomas Klausner+ libressl-2.3.1.
Yorick Hardyxoreos: Update xoreos to 0.0.3
Yorick Hardybstone: Update bstone to 1.1.5
Yorick Hardycrawl-stone-soup: Update crawl-stone-soup to 0.17.0
atomiculesAdd new package, VIPS a free image processing system
Yorick Hardytask: Update task to 2.5.0
Mateusz Poszwafdupes: Add a rule in order not to depend on gmake.
Emil Skoeldbergtask: add patch to fix build failure
Emil Skoeldbergtaskserver: import taskserver-1.1.0 as wip/taskserver
Jonathan PerkinUpdate ghc to 7.10.2.
Tobias NygrenMakefile: sync SUBDIRs
Leonardo Taccarichibi-scheme: add an hyper-kludge (sigh!) to workaround "gmake: write error"
Sevan JaniyanNote CVE's for polarssl11
Leonardo Taccarichibi-scheme: revert previous change that did not worked all the times.
Sevan JaniyanMention a couple of CVE's
Sevan JaniyanMention CVE-2015-3230
Sevan JaniyanAdd CVE-2015-5285 to TODO
Sevan JaniyanMention CVE-2015-7859
atomiculesFill in Makefile COMMENT field and remove GIF include
Sevan JaniyanMention CVE-2015-7297
Sevan JaniyanMention CVE-2015-7857
Sevan JaniyanMention CVE-2015-7899
Sevan JaniyanMention CVE-2015-7858
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: remove obsolete patch
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: bump version to 45 to match upstream.
Petar Bogdanovicreset MAINTAINER
Thomas KlausnerMakefile: add py-dropbox, sort.
Thomas Klausnerpy-dropbox: add package for git version of official Python Dropbox SDK
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: sync PLIST with upstream git.
Thomas Klausnerphp-baikal: add untested package for
Thomas Klausnerphp-baikal: fix problem with NetBSD iconv.
Kai-Uwe Eckhardtgcc6snapshot: Update to 20151108.
Kamil Rytarowskiwp2md: Set version to 0.8.1 and regenerate PLIST
Leonardo Taccarizathura-mupdf: Bump PKGREVISION needed for print/mupdf 1.8 update
Kamil Rytarowskiradare2: Update PLIST
Adrian SteinmannAvoid opencv 3.0 for now as libpthread hangs in cvtColor
Hauke FathAdd GIT_ENV for modifying git's environment (e.g. GIT_SSL_NO_VERIFY=true)
Hauke FathUpdate to, and switch to new repository.
Tobias Nygrenbnr2: remove, was abandoned ~10 years ago, no master site
Tobias Nygrengtk2-engines-dwerg: fix master site
Tobias Nygrenlibcpath: fix master site
Tobias Nygrengoattracker: update to 2.73 since previous version no longer available
Tobias Nygrenlibcfile: fix master site
Tobias Nygrenap2-jk2: fix master site
Tobias Nygrenfbpager: fix master site
Tobias Nygrenfaast: fix master site (XXX is the PLIST really supposed to be empty?)
Tobias Nygrencmetrics: fix master site and update to 0.2
Jonathan Buschmannctags-git: Fix PLIST
Leonardo Taccariglfw: Update wip/glfw to 3.1.2.
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: remove patches that don't apply any more, update PLIST.
Hauke Fath Use the newly introduced GIT_ENV instead of tweaking a supposedly internal variable.
Leonardo Taccariglfw: fix glfwInit(), tested and spotted via print/mupdf.
Leonardo Taccariglfw: needs dlopen and pthread.
Thomas KlausnerMakefile: + tidy
Thomas Klausnertidy: update candidate for www/tidy
Sevan JaniyanSkip the portability check on, it' s not used apparently. via Brian Callahan
Kamil Rytarowskigit-package: Remove unused _GIT_TODAY
Kamil Rytarowskigit-package: Refactor scripts, depend on git only in the fetch target
Leonardo TaccariUpdate wip/py-construct to 2.5.2.
Pierre ProncheryUse devel/py-radare2 now that it was imported
Pierre ProncheryImported py-radare2 in pkgsrc as devel/py-radare2
Pierre ProncheryUse graphics/py-pygraphviz now that it was imported
Pierre ProncheryImported py-pygraphviz as graphics/py-pygraphviz
Pierre ProncheryFix the path to dot(1)
Pierre ProncheryImported bokken as devel/bokken
Kamil Rytarowskighc: Provide prebuilt 7.10.2 bootstrap for NetBSD
Niclas RosenvikFreeimage has been imported to pkgsrc-current as graphics/ freeimage and graphics/freeimageplus.
Thomas KlausnerTODO: + debootstrap-1.0.75, py-xpra-0.15.8.
Niclas RosenvikUpdated gimp-webp to use a real 0.2 release and not beta.
Thomas Klausneremacs-wip: bump version to 25.1.50 to follow upstream.
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: update PLIST for upstream changes
Greg Troxelmk/wxGTK: Add comments and make a few tiny fixes
Leonardo Taccaripy-construct: remove, imported in pkgsrc as devel/py-construct.
Kamil Rytarowskighc: Regenerate distinfo
Thomas KlausnerTODO: - debootstrap, update done
Thomas Klausnerdebootstrap: update to 1.0.75.
Niclas RosenvikGimp-webp has been imported to pkgsrc-current.
Emil Skoeldbergsrc: import src-0.19 as wip/src
Thomas Klausnerpy-xpra: update to 0.15.8.
Makoto Fujiwara(mk/ Removing the file, committed to the pkgsrc proper. Tks Greg.
Makoto Fujiwara(trustedQSL) make both wxGTK28 and wxGTK30 ready
Kai-Uwe Eckhardtgcc6snapshot: Update to snapshot 20151115.
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Cut down package into building git snapshot of lldb
Makoto Fujiwara(wxGTK-test) Add new meta package to check wxGTK28 (now) packages.
Kai-Uwe Eckhardtgcc49snapshot: Remove obsolete package.
Kai-Uwe Eckhardtgcc50snapshot: Remove obsolete package.
Keke PierreUpdate beanstalkd version to 1.10
Yorick Hardywip/naev: Update naev to 0.6.1.
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Generate proper PLIST
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Use LLDB test target
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Update list of REPLACE_PERL and REPLACE_PYTHON
Kamil Rytarowskiradare2-git: Update PLIST
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Add todo
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Backport patch from D14530
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Remove patch merged upstream
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: -pulseaudio
Kamil Rytarowskipulseaudio: Remove old version (6.0), pkgsrc is more recent (7.1)
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: remove stale file
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: +pulseaudio-git
Kamil Rytarowskipulseaudio-git: Add new package tracking git
Makoto Fujiwara(py-gds) New package py-gds-0.7.1
Thomas Klausnerpulseaudio-git: remove CVS files.
Hauke FathThe dba/update-davical-database script needs databases/p5-DBD-postgresql
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Renegerate PLIST after merging fix for path of man pages
Kamil RytarowskiRevert "lldb-git: Remove patch merged upstream"
Kamil Rytarowskipulseaudio-git: Try to improve handling of <xlocale.h> and regenerate patches
Kamil Rytarowskipulseaudio-git: Renegerate distinfo
Kamil Rytarowski.gitignore: Blacklist CVS
Thomas KlausnerAdd upstream bugreport URL.
Thomas KlausnerAdapt patch for upstream changes.
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Walkaround missing $ORIGIN feature
Kamil Rytarowskipulseaudio-git: Use paccept(2) in the Linux path with accept4()
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Update PLIST with the newest trunk
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: adapt patches.
Makoto Fujiwara(mk/ Consider the case wxGTK28-contrib is included
K.I.A.Derouiche+new package in wip
K.I.A.Derouichenew package
K.I.A.Derouichefix prefix name
K.I.A.Derouiche+py-weblib in wip
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Remove __init__.pyc again, why it appeard there before?
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Limit for now to X86
Makoto Fujiwara(py-gds/Makefile): Add DEPENDS to py*-numpy.
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Further optimization, set BUILD_TARGET to lldb
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Add lldb-mi to BUILD_TARGET
ttysbump version from 1.9.2 to 1.9.4
ttyansible: Remove from Makefile
Thomas Klausnerphp-baikal: remove, imported to pkgsrc/net/php-baikal
Kamil Rytarowskiclang-sources-git: Clone from lldb-git, on the way to split these packages down
Kamil Rytarowskiclang-git: Clone from lldb-git, on the way to split these packages down
Kamil Rytarowskiclang-build-git: Clone from lldb-git, on the way to split these packages down
Kamil Rytarowskillvm-git: Clone from lldb-git, on the way to split these packages down
Kamil Rytarowskillvm-sources-git: Clone from lldb-git, on the way to split these packages down
Kamil Rytarowskillvm-build-git: Clone from lldb-git, on the way to split these packages down
Litvinov Sergeybump version 4.10.2, remove a patch
Thomas KlausnerMakefile: sync
Thomas Klausnerlz4jsoncat: add new package
Thomas Klausnerautossh: update to 1.4e
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: Remove abandoned {llvm,clang}-{sources,build}-git packages
Kamil Rytarowskillvm-sources-git: Abandon this package
Kamil Rytarowskiclang-build-git: Abandon this package
Kamil Rytarowskiclang-sources-git: Abandon this package
Kamil Rytarowskillvm-build-git: Abandon this package
Kamil Rytarowskillvm-git: Strip down package for llvm
Kamil Rytarowskiclang-git: Add
Kamil Rytarowskillvm-git: Add initial
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Strip down package for lldb exclusively
Kamil Rytarowskiclang-git: Strip down package for Clang
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Rediff patches for new paths
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: Sync PLIST with upstream.
Leonardo Taccarimegatools: remove, imported in pkgsrc as net/megatools
Thomas Klausnerpy-fftw: remove, imported to pkgsrc/math.
Nils Ratusznikquery_weathermap_runtime.php needs the path to PHP corrected
Nils Ratusznikimported siege as www/siege
Nils Ratusznikimported siege as www/siege, part 2
Nils Ratusznikimported py-pelican as www/py-pelican
Nils Ratusznikimported py-pelican as www/py-pelican
Nils Ratusznikimported py-feedgenerator as www/py-feedgenerator
K.I.A.Derouichedelete bicho
K.I.A.Derouiche+py-grab in wip
K.I.A.DerouicheNew package in wip: +py-bicho
K.I.A.DerouicheSET LICENSE added new dependency: storm and beautifulsoup
K.I.A.DerouichePlease see file: /NEWS
K.I.A.Derouicheadd new pkg: mailingstats
K.I.A.Derouiche+py-monty in wip
Thomas Klausnerpy-storm: Restore DESCR, lost in previous update.
K.I.A.Derouiche+py-cellulist in wip
K.I.A.Derouiche+py-spatious in pkgsrc-wip
K.I.A.Derouiche+py-bandit in pkgsrc-wip
K.I.A.Derouichenew package: py-bcolz
K.I.A.DerouicheFIX PLIST path
K.I.A.Derouichenew package py-fssa
K.I.A.Derouichenew version 2.3.8 available
Kamil Rytarowskipulseaudio-git: Use upstream for autotools reconfigure
Kamil Rytarowskipulseaudio-git: Regenerate distinfo
Kamil Rytarowskipulseaudio-git: Regenerate patches for merged one for paccept(2)
Benny SiegertUpdate py-yenc to 0.4.0.
Kamil RytarowskiImport iverilog-10.0 as wip/iverilog.
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: +iverilog
Kamil Rytarowskiiverilog: add TEST_TARGET
Kamil RytarowskiImport verilator-3.878 as wip/verilator.
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: +verilator
Kamil RytarowskiImport sndio-1.0.1 as wip/sndio.
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: +sndio
Kamil Rytarowskisndio: Add scratch of rc.d(8) script
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Use CONFIGURE_DIRS. Thanks Thomas Klausner!
K.I.A.Derouiche+py-voronoi in wip
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Renegerate local trial patches.
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Append local patch for tests on NetBSD and regenerate
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Implement out of sources build.
Kamil Rytarowskilldb-git: Fix installation and regenerate PLIST
coypoopMakefile: +nautilus
coypoopImport nautilus-3.16.2 as wip/nautilus