Index of pkgsrc-wip-changes for October, 2015

Derouiche* Added src/nupic/frameworks/opf/common_models/ and supporting files from numenta-apps htmengine. A separate numenta-apps PR will remove this code from htmengine. * fixes #2592 * fix for #2265 * fix for bug #2265 * Fixup Dockerfile to install nupic.bindings , and other cleanup * Adding C++ compiler requirement to README. * Fix for test failure * Fixed stream definition reference error. * Reduce default reestimation period. * Remove greedy reestimation of distribution * Pointing README to proper bindings version. * Continuing work on 0.3.4.dev0. * removing a test that depends on * PCA_Node test : some fixes, WIP * formatting * test for PCANode region * remove Pillow from requirements.txt as it was used for vision only * fix merge mistake in csv file * move test from PCANode to unittest
Keke Pierreadd py-socksipy-branch
Keke PierreMerge branch 'master' of
Your NameAdd py-socksipy-branch
Nils RatusznikSince upstream dropped support of Solaris, making sure one won' t try to build it on that platform.
Guillaume Delpierrepy-future: Taking over maintainership, after former maintainer' s agreement.
Petar Bogdanovicdcc: moved to pkgsrc (mail/dcc)
Derouicheimport py-z2pack in wip
Derouicheimport py-atomicfile
Jason Baconfbsd2pkg: Last dist reroll without a version bump.
Jason BaconMerge branch 'master' of
DerouicheMerge branch 'master' of
Derouicheimport newpkg +py-odesys
Derouiche+py-weboob in pkgsrc
Derouicheimport py-odeint
DerouicheUpdate Makefile
Paul LECUQupdate bareos version to 15.2.1
DerouicheMerge branch 'master' of
Derouichenew version, please see
DerouichepCube animations by working around a bug in Astropy' s ImageNormalize * Small fix to RTD builds for Affiliated packages * SunPy can now be installed without having to install Astropy first. * MapCubes processed with ``coalignment.apply_shifts`` now have correct metadata. * Multiple fixes for WCS transformations , especially with solar-x, solar-y CTYPE headers.
Derouiche0.6.1 -----
Derouichenew version. 25 Sep 15:
Derouiche- Retreive metadata such as viewcount, duration, rating, author, thumbnail , keywords - Download video or audio at requested resolution / bitrate / format / filesize - Command line tool (ytdl) for downloading directly from the command line - Retrieve the URL to stream the video in a player such as vlc or mplayer - Works with age-restricted videos and non-embeddable videos - Small , standalone, single importable module file ( - Select highest quality stream for download or streaming - Download video only (no audio) in m4v or webm format - Download audio only (no video) in ogg or m4a format - Retreive playlists and playlist metadata - Works with Python 2.6+ and 3.3+ - No dependencies
DerouicheSkip to content This repository
Derouicheimport py-corpus
Derouicheimport +py-umalqurra
DerouicheBottleneck 1.0.0
Derouicheimport py-qalsadi
Tobias Nygrensyncthing: imported to pkgsrc
Adrian Steinmanntwo new packages for photo gallery
Adrian SteinmannNew packages to create a minimal photo gallery webpage
DerouicheMerge branch 'master' of
Derouiche+ py-conda-env + py-cosat === Update conda: 2015-09-11 3.17.0: -------------------- * add windows_forward_slashes option to walk_prefix (), see #1513 * add ability to set CONDA_FORCE_32BIT environment variable, it should should only be used when running conda-build, #1555 * add config option to makes the python dependency on pip optional , #1577 * fix an UnboundLocalError * print note about pinned specs in no packages found error * allow wildcards in AND-connected version specs * print pinned specs to the debug log * fix conda create --clone with create_default_packages * give a better error when a proxy isn 't found for a given scheme * enable running 'conda run' in offline mode * fix issue where hardlinked cache contents were being overwritten * correctly skip packages whose dependencies can ' t be found with conda update --all * use clearer terminology in -m help text. * use splitlines to break up multiple lines throughout the codebase * fix AttributeError with SSLError
Derouichenew version:
Derouiche0.3.1 (May 3, 2015) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Derouiche New version available 1.0.0 * Added some performance enhancements * Miriad.UV files can now store data as both shorts and as float32 (avoiding dynamic range problems) * Various bugfixes * Because of stability of 0.X.X series, we' ve promoted this to a non-beta release!
DerouicheNew version, please see CHANGELOG
Thomas KlausnerImport FLIF-0.1alpha as wip/FLIF.
Thomas KlausnerMakefile: Sync.
Jonathan A. Kollaschmerge
Jonathan A. KollaschDrop myself as maintainer of remctl packages in git-based pkgsrc-wip
Jonathan A. Kollaschremove xhkeys1
Sebastian Wiedenrothkibana needs git for "npm install"
DerouicheNew version: 20151001. please see mrab-regex/commits/
Derouicheimport py-neupy Update py-conda/DESCR
Tobias Nygreng/c references to python 2.6
Tobias Nygrenelinks-libmm: use DIST_SUBDIR, wip/elinks-snapshot has distfile w/ same name
Tobias Nygrenelinks-libmm: distinfo: regen
Tobias Nygrenpy-weboob: fix whitespace in DEPENDS
Tobias Nygrenpiglit-git: build all the tests, even if not on Linux
Tobias Nygrenfix dangling dependencies
Tobias NygrenImport intel-gpu-tools-1.12 as wip/intel-gpu-tools.
Tobias NygrenMakefile: add intel-gpu-tools
i3enedekAdding aldo to wip; aldo is a morse code trainer.
i3enedekAdding gtkmmorse to wip
Makoto FujiwaraStart Testing on NetBSD. Minor improvement. Correct me if wrong. Tks.
Leonardo Taccaricdhit: install documentation and various minor improvements
i3enedekFixed wip/qrq and updated it to qrq-0.3.1
i3enedekAdd morse-classic 2.5 to wip
Derouichenew package import: py-django-markwhat
Olaf SeibertUpdate to fs-uae-{dev,launcher} to 2.7.2dev.
Tobias NygrenMakefile: sync SUBDIRs
Tobias Nygrenpdftk: partially fix package. At least fetches now.
Tobias Nygrengpac-devel: remove, significantly older than multimedia/gpac
Olaf SeibertUpdate fs-uae to release 2.6.1.
Olaf SeibertFix some problems indicated by pkglint.
David Carlierupdate to dev7
Makoto Fujiwara(wxGTK/ Add new directory and file.
Makoto Fujiwara(wxGTK/wxGTKversion) Drop wxGTK24 and wxGTK26
Adrian Steinmannadded dependencies; better external command handling
Makoto Fujiwara(tamago-tsunagi) Update MASTER_SITES to OSDN
Sergey Svishchevzookeeper-server: install
Sergey Svishchevzookeeper-server: revision bump
Makoto Fujiwara(canna-lib/ correction inputmethod/ to wip/
Makoto Fujiwara(canna-*,libspt) Apply Tsutsui fix tech-pkg-ja/201510/msg00000.html.
Leonardo Taccarimozart: Import wip/mozart as mozart-1.4.0
Leonardo Taccarimozart: Use LOWER_OPSYS instead of hardcoding the OS.
Makoto Fujiwara(mule11/Makefile) Correction to WRKSRC, was missing "p".
Makoto Fujiwara(mule11) Update to p20151011. Convert pkgname mule to mule11
Thomas KlausnerRemove libmemphis02, same as pkgsrc version.
Nils Ratusznik- updated to latest upstream version ; - kind of corrected version numbering, since upstream has not (yet?) tagged any release.
Leonardo Taccaricdhit: Imported in pkgsrc as biology/cdhit
Tobias Nygrenkoha: assume it can work with apache22
Tobias Nygrenpy-weboob: mark as broken due to missing dependency
Tobias Nygrenfix dangling dependency
Tobias Nygrenaxe: fix fetch without curl
Leonardo Taccarizbar: various misc improvements for the test target
Tobias Nygrenbicon: githubify
Tobias Nygrenbowtie: githubify
Tobias Nygrenmultiminer: githubify
Tobias Nygrentrinity: fix MASTER_SITE
Tobias Nygrenphp-tclink: drop FETCH_USING. it fetches fine with latest tnftp
Tobias Nygrenpy-peak-rules: add PYTHON_VERSIONS_INCOMPATIBLE
Kai-Uwe EckhardtImport gcc6 as gcc6snapshot.
DerouicheMerge branch 'master' of
DerouicheTheano 0.7 (26th of March, 2015) ================================ We recommand to everyone to upgrade to this version.
Jason Baconblasr_libcpp:
Jason Baconblasr_libcpp: Add boost-libs dep.
Jason Baconblasr_libcpp: Remove GCC dep for now.
Christian Kochredeclipse: Import wip/redeclipse as redeclipse-1.5.3.
Jason Baconbwa: Bump to latest stable.
Jason BaconRevert bwa to 0.7.9a for lack of shm_open() on NetBSD 6.
Leonardo Taccaribwa: Imported in pkgsrc as biology/bwa
Thomas KlausnerSwitch from old x11/Xaw3d to new x11/libXaw3d.
Thomas Klausnersxemacs: update MASTER_SITES.
Thomas Klausnerfelt: Add glw dependency to fix build.
Alexander NasonovUpdate quickfix to 1.14.3.
Thomas Klausner+ sxemacs-22.1.15.
Leonardo Taccarimozart: fix ownership and permissions of installed files
Kamil RytarowskiImport unicorn-0.9 as wip/unicorn.
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: +unicorn
Kamil RytarowskiRevert "Remove radare2-git, already in devel/ radare2 and upstream is in good state"
Kamil Rytarowskiradare2: Upgrade to radare2-0.10.0 (git)
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: Add radare2
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: raname: +radare2-git -radare2
Kamil Rytarowskiunicorn: Make use of pkgsrc dedicated USE_GENERIC_LIBDATADIR
Nils RatusznikUpdated to upstream version 3.6.3. Changes from 3.6.0 : 3.6.3 (2015-08-14)
Leonardo Taccarimozart: add license and minor cosmetic fixes
Ryo ONODERAAllow + in directory name
Ryo ONODERARemove username from content of CVS/Root to check CVS root
Christian Kochsophia: Update wip/sophia to sophia-1.2.3.
Christian Kochsophia: Follow best practices with packages from GitHub.
Kamil RytarowskiImport suse_fpc-13.1 as wip/suse131_fpc.
Kamil Rytarowskiunicorn: Remove redundant information about license
Petar BogdanovicImport bip-0.8.9 as wip/bip.
Petar BogdanovicMakefile: add bip
Petar Bogdanovicbip: fix unsafe patch
Christian Kochangelscript: import wip/angelscript as angelscript-2.30.2
Travis Paulwjelement: Import wip/wjelement as wjelement-1.1.0
Christian KochOops, add angelscript to the top-level Makefile.
Christian Kochsophia: No need to import
Thomas Klausnernss-hg: this needs c++ now.
Thomas KlausnerBump version after 2.26 release.
Tobias Nygrenfix dangling dependencies
Tobias Nygrenpy-dicom: mark as BROKEN, downloads in build phase
Tobias Nygrenlibcerror: fix MASTER_SITE
Tobias Nygrenlibqtxdg: fix githubification
Tobias Nygrenrefkeen: declare the version once
Tobias Nygrenmate-desktop: needs itstool like other mate packages
Tobias Nygrenpolkit: needs docbook-xsl for manpages
Tobias Nygrenvte: fix %m usage
Tobias Nygrenpy-kaa-base: remove stale PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT=none
Tobias Nygrenlibcnotify: fix MASTER_SITE
Tobias Nygrenlibclocale: fix MASTER_SITE
Tobias Nygrenlibvc: supports DESTDIR
Tobias Nygrendynamite: supports DESTDIR
Tobias Nygrenapache-commons-logging: fix MASTER_SITE
Tobias Nygrenapache-commons-collections: fix MASTER_SITE
Tobias Nygrenp5-Class-DBI-Plugin-Type: supports DESTDIR
Tobias Nygrencp-ppcre: fix unfetchable distfile
Tobias Nygrenlibcsplit: fix MASTER_SITE
Tobias Nygrenpy-peak-rules: fix unfetchable distfile
Tobias Nygrenp5-Text-EtText: supports DESTDIR
Tobias Nygrenp5-MKDoc-XML: supports DESTDIR
Tobias Nygrenp5-HTML-Latex: regen missing sum for patch-aa and supports DESTDIR
Tobias Nygrenjava-bcel: fix unfetchable file. While here, update to 5.2.
Tobias Nygrenp5-Plucene: supports DESTDIR
Tobias Nygrenlibwbxml2-patched: supports DESTDIR
Tobias Nygrenp5-HTML-Widget: supports DESTDIR
Tobias Nygrenocaml-pa_ounit: regen distinfo
Tobias Nygrenlibcthreads: fix MASTER_SITE
Tobias Nygrenlibcdata: fix MASTER_SITE
Tobias Nygrenocaml-bin_prot: regen distinfo
Tobias Nygrenqemu-neo1973: mark as BROKEN, uses custom fetch logic instead of
Tobias Nygrenp5-Time-Piece-Range: supports DESTDIR
Tobias Nygrenp5-CGI-Untaint-email: supports DESTDIR
Tobias Nygrenp5-CGI-Untaint-date: supports DESTDIR
Tobias Nygrennanomsgxx: fix broken github handling
Tobias Nygrenmumble: comment out unsatisfiable celt dependency constraint
Tobias Nygrenlmod: fix dependency patterns
Tobias Nygrenblasr_libcpp: bash:run instead of DEPENDS on bash
Tobias Nygrenfix assorted dependency patterns without version constraint
Tobias Nygrenruby-ronn: add RUBY_VERSION_SUPPORTED
Tobias Nygrenremove suse100_* from wip. Very outdated and no consumers.
Tobias Nygrencl-ppcre-unicode: apply same fix as cp-ppcre. Untested.
Kamil RytarowskiImport py27-setconf-0.6.7 as wip/py-setconf.
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: py-setconf
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: adapt to upstream changes.
Christian Kochassimp: Import wip/assimp as assimp-3.1.1.
Tobias NygrenMakefile: sync subdirs
Tobias Nygrenmore unresolvable dependencies fixed
Kamil Rytarowskipy-setconf: Fix usage of PYTHON_REPLACE, as it conflicts with NO_CONFIGURE
Kamil Rytarowskipy-setconf: swap words
Kamil Make saner name of distfiles, reusing proper branch name
Kamil RytarowskiImport dart-1.13.0nb20151021 as wip/dart.
Kamil RytarowskiMakefile: +dart
Kamil Rytarowskidart: Remove trash
Kamil Ignore nonlocal branches
Greg Troxeltrac-plugins-MasterTickets: move to upstream trunk
Thomas Klausneremacs-current: add new file to PLIST.
Tobias Nygrensunxi-tools: remove, in pkgsrc now
Pierre ProncheryPackage olsrd 0.6.8
Pierre ProncheryPackage olsrd
Thomas KlausnerTODO: + icecat-38.3.0.
Thomas KlausnerTODO: + higan-095, libressl-2.3, mate-desktop-1.11.0, smplayer-15.9.
Thomas KlausnerTODO: + py-xpra-0.15.7.
Olaf Seibertunnethack: Also add -L for curses.
Tobias Nygrencaja: needs dbus-codegen
Tobias Nygrenemboss-base: DESTDIR fixes
Tobias Nygrenpanel-panel: needs itstool
Tobias Nygrencinnamon-desktop: needs gnome-common
Tobias Nygrenciwiki: configure scripts wants to run xterm. Set INTERACTIVE_STAGE.
Tobias Nygrenbstone: needs pkg-config
Tobias Nygrenbfgminer: bashisms in configure script
Tobias Nygrencommandergenius: needs pkg-config
Tobias Nygrencvc3: needs bison
Tobias Nygrengecode: bashisms in configure script
Tobias Nygrengrub2-current: skip during bulk builds until there exists wip/mk/
Tobias Nygrenices-vorbis: needs pkg-config
Tobias Nygrenlibcouchbase: mark as broken, wants to download during build
Tobias Nygrenlibsysstat: needs qt5-qttools
Tobias Nygrenliblxqt: needs pkg-config
Tobias Nygrenliblxqt-mount: needs qt5-qttools
Tobias Nygrenmate-dialogs: needs itstool
Tobias Nygrennautilus-search-tool: needs gnome-utils
Tobias Nygrennautilus-sound-converter: needs pkg-config
Tobias Nygrenowl: needs perl
Tobias Nygrenpassepartout: needs C++ compiler
Leonardo Taccariapvlv: Update wip/apvlv to apvlv-0.1.5.
Leonardo Taccarixwelltris: update MASTER_SITES and misc cleanups
Kai-Uwe EckhardtUpdate to snapshot 20151018.
Tobias Nygrenpolkit-qt5: needs pkg-config
Tobias Nygrenlibpar2: needs c++11 (libsigc++)
Tobias Nygrenobconf-qt: needs qt5-qttools
Tobias Nygrenmate-system-monitor: needs c++11 (libsigc++)
Tobias Nygrengtkglextmm: needs c++11 (libsigc++)
Tobias Nygrenmate-*: more tool dependencies
Tobias Nygrenemboss-java: INSTALLATION_DIRS
Tobias Nygrenapache-commons-lang: fix MASTER_SITE
Tobias Nygrenapache-commons-pool: fix MASTER_SITE
Tobias Nygrengangliga-monitor-code: fix check-portability warnings
Tobias Nygrenemboss-domainatrix: fix PLIST
Tobias NygrenwxGTK-unicode: regen distinfo
Tobias Nygrenmozldap: INSTALLATION_DIRS
Tobias Nygrenapache-commons-beanutils: fix MASTER_SITE
Tobias Nygrenapache-commons-codec: fix MASTER_SITE
Tobias Nygrenjakarta-oro: As of 2010-09-01, the ORO project is retired.
Tobias Nygrenmatanza: switch to (via debian)
Tobias Nygrenlibuna: githubify
Tobias Nygrenlibhttpd: fix build
Tobias Nygrenportfwd: fix PLIST
Tobias Nygrensmtprc: fix PLIST
Tobias Nygrenadmsmb: fix MASTER_SITE. Via FreeBSD.
Tobias Nygrenjemalloc: don't hardcode shared library suffix
Tobias Nygrenauto-admin: regen distinfo
Tobias NygrenwxGTK-*unicode: remove, should not be needed any more
Tobias Nygrenkwindowsystem: don't leak buildlink include directory
Christian Kochlibucl: Prefer MASTER_SITE_GITHUB. Update maintainer email.
Leonardo Taccarigit-docs-html: Update PLIST
Thomas Klausnermin12xxw: replace 1.1MB of patches with auto* build dependency
Thomas KlausnerTODO: + debootstrap-1.0.73.
Thomas Klausnerpy-xpra: update to 0.15.7:
Thomas Klausnerdebootstrap: update to 1.0.73:
Thomas Klausnervlc: remove, used for updating multimedia/vlc.
Christian Sturmupdate tor tor-dev to
Thomas Klausnerfirefox-hg: make build again and update PLIST.
Sevan JaniyanAdd an intended update for www/ varnish which brings the package up to version 4.1.0
Sevan Janiyan Add a package for the varnist 4 stable branch which at present is at v4.0.3
Adrian SteinmannFix ERROR: [] The interpreter "/usr/bin/env" ... not allowed -O2 now works with gcc version 4.8.4 (nb2 20150115) Align my maintainer address to other wip packages I maintain
Adrian SteinmannDon't need perl substitution anymore
Adrian Steinmannwhite space
Makoto Fujiwara(emacs-w3m-current) Remove w3m/sb-gendai-net.el from PLIST
Ryo ONODERAAdd arm-elf-* and arm-eabi-*
Ryo ONODERAAdd arm-elf toolchain
Ryo ONODERAAdd arm-eabi toolchain
Christian Kochsquirrel: Import wip/squirrel as squirrel-3.0.7.
Kai-Uwe Eckhardtgcc60snapshot: Update to 20151025.
Thomas Klausnerpy-fftw: fix HOMEPAGE
Thomas Klausnerpy-fftw: mark as not for python-3.x.
Havard EidnesUpdate to pigdin-sipe version 1.20.1.
Adrian SteinmannMake the optional "Download" icon and JPEG timestamp less intrusive
Adrian SteinmannMake the optional "Download" icon and JPEG timestamp less intrusive
Adrian SteinmannFix $NetBSD$ headers
Thomas Klausnerpy-operators: mark as not ready for python 3.x.
astCleanup $NetBSD$ ident and make patche comments uniform
K.I.A.DerouicheNew pkgsrc: o UPDATE DESCR, HOMEPAGE, MAINTAINER, o REMOVE spyder.desktop Fix pretty printing in the Jupyter notebook and Jupyter qtconsole for Jupyter 4.0.
atomiculesCorrect maintainer email address now no longer on SourceForge
atomiculesUpdate Ledger to the latest release 3.1
David Carlier1.7.0-dev0 update, historical haproxy-en/ fr.txt and haproxy.cfg examples are gone.
K.I.A.Derouicheadd new patches, fix configuration problem