Subject: Re: Package binaries for NetBSD/alpha 4.0_RC5 / pkgsrc-2007Q3
To: None <>
From: Havard Eidnes <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 12/31/2007 00:15:41

I've uploaded the new files in the results of a bulk rebuild for
NetBSD/alpha 4.0 (build on 4.0_RC5) to

A total of 2.5GB of packages were uploaded.  The packages available in
new versions or which were not available before but are now are:
ap2-php5, base, c-cpp-reference, cups, dircproxy, drupal, finch,
firefox*, gdm, hobbit, ikiwiki, ircservices, kdebindings-ruby, kdevelop=
kdevelop-base, kenigma, koffice, libpurple, lsof, mantis, openldap*,
openssl, p5-XML-RSS, p5-XML-Xerces, p5-perl-headers, perl, php(5),
php5-*, pidgin, pidgin-sametime, pidgin-silc, postfix, rails,
ruby18-action*, ruby18-active*, samba, squid, squirrelmail,
thunderbird*, and wesnoth.

The source tree this was built from was updated December 12 2007.

The next round of builds for this arch+os-version combination will be
based on the coming 2007Q4 pkgsrc code base.


- H=E5vard