Subject: Does mail/dspam play nice with postfix?
To: None <>
From: Paul Goyette <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 12/27/2007 18:32:31
I'm trying to get dspam set up but running into lots of difficulties 
with bouncing messages back to dspam for "retraining".

I'm running with package options 'syslog homedir'.  Incoming mail is 
processed fine, and dspam puts its headers in and appends the message 
signature.  The problems start when I try to send a received message 
back into dspam.

I've tried setting up a single alias

 	spam: "|/usr/pkg/bin/dspam --user root --source=error ..."

and bounce the message there.  It tells me that it cannot establish a 
context because the sender (me? postfix? postfix's default_privs user?) 
is not trusted and cannot user the --user option.

I've tried setting up a "sub-domain" but postfix refuses to send to it 
because of a DNS error.  And postfix's newaliases won't let me set up 
the appripriate alias anyway since the "user" part of the alias must be 
local: "|/usr/pkg/bin/dspam ..."

And I've even tried setting up a per-user spam-* alias

 	spam-paul: "|/usr/pkg/bin/dspam --user paul ..."

but it also complains about being unable to use the --user option.

Anyone got any clue-by-fours for me?

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