Subject: pkgsrc hackathon focusing on package options
To: None <>
From: Adam Hoka <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 10/28/2007 01:23:05
Hello pgksrc users and developers!

There is a pkgsrc hackathon scheduled for 3rd-4th of November.
We have come up with the name "pkgthon!" :)

You can find more information on the event at
Feel free to add more helpful information about the options framework and  
make Tickets for the hackathon.

If you don`t think you could take any tickets, but you want to help us  
improving pkgsrc, please come and test our changes, because testing and  
reporting errors is always welcome.

Our goals

Make files for packages that don`t already use them, and  
improve support for options if the package uses them but more options  
could be added.
For example when a media player package is compiled with mp3 and ogg  
support without the ability to decide which one you need, we would make it  
selectable by the options framework.

This will have another benefit: we can turn off failing dependencies  
during bulk builds, thus increasing the number of available packages. For  
example if audio/arts fails to build (and it does on some archs), it makes  
more than 200 packages unable to build.

When will it be held?

Planned date: The weekend 3rd - 4th of November 2007.

You don't have to wait till weekend, feel free to add or take tickets  

Where will it be?

During the hackathon, we will communicate on #netbsd-code at

Please help us spread this information, and join us on the next weekend.

ps.: I`m posting this mail on multiple lists for wider publicity.

Thank you for your interest,
         Adam Hoka, alias Replaced