Subject: binary packages for Mac OS X?
To: None <>
From: Greg Troxel <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 10/23/2007 15:14:39
I am trying to help someone run subversion on a Mac, and the server is
https (DAV over SSL).  Apparently the svn clients from other packaging
systems don't do https, or perhaps there's something else wrong.
Because of this (and the reason isn't really important), I wanted to use
pkgsrc to get subversion for macs.

I've never used pkgsrc on other than NetBSD.

Reading the documentation, it seems there are two paths:

1) a) untar binary bootstrap kit
   b) pkg_add from binary packages

2) run bootstrap from source, and then 'make package'

Normally I would do #2, but it seems that because Macs have a
case-preserving filesystem, one can't just unpack and instead must
create a UFS filesystem for pkgsrc.  So I looked into 1, and it seems
the available builds are for Darwin 7.6, 8.1, and 8.2, and they seem to
be built from the head of pkgsrc.

ver	bootstrap	subversion
7.6	December 2004   missing
8.0	March 2005	missing
8.1	June 2005	June 2005

Am I missing something, or are recent builds for Darwin just not

Is bootstrappnig with --ignore-case-check a reasonable thing to do?  All
I want for now is subversion-base, and later amanda and a few other
'reasonable' packages.  This seems to indicated that it's ok:

I suppose creating a case-sensitive filesystem and checking out again is
all I'd need to do to recover.

I found the contents of /usr/pkgsrc/bootstrap/README.{Darwin,MacOSX} to
be a bit confusing - it seems partly duplicative at first, but then I
figured out that it isn't really.  Plus, there's no discussion of
--ignore-case-check and the cost/benefit of that approach.

(Finally, I'd like to suggest that commands to be run in README files
not have any $ prefixes, so they can be cut/pasted.)