Subject: Re[2]: php4, php5 with gd problem (umlaut and special characters)
To: Zafer Aydogan <>
From: None <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 10/22/2007 17:53:21
Hello Zafer,

thank you for your answer.
First i have to say, that i'm not an php programmer and i did not know
much about php, i "only" have to administrate the system.

I testet the output of the database (mysql, utf-8, set names utf-8 is
The output of the database seems to be utf-8.
" echo chunk_split(bin2hex($text1), 2, ' ');" gives " 5f c3 bc c3 b6 c3 a4 =
5f 5f "
This are the codes of the characters i used.

So what should i convert with iconv?
I tested to convert the output of the database (utf-8) to ISO-8859-1.
This did also not work.


> 2007/10/22, <>:
>> Hello,
>> some weeks ago i posted the same problem with php4 and gd. I got good
>> answers, but they did not resolve the problem.
>> In the last days i had made also some test with php5 from
>> pkgsrc-2007Q3.
>> This is the problem:
>> An customer wants to build images with text on it using special characte=
>> (german umlauts) and utf8 encoding.
>> But there are always only squares f=C3=BCr the spechial characters in the
>> picture.

> Use iconv() to convert first.
> Read

> Cheers, Zafer.

>> This happens in php4 with bundled gd and also in the newest php5 with
>> bundled gd.
>> The installation with pkgsrc only allows to use the bundled version of
>> gd.
>> So if i use the external Version of gd ( using with-gd=3Dpath) all the c=
haracters are diplayed
>> correct in the pictures.
>> This seems only be an problem with netbsd and the phpversions in
>> pkgsrc, because in Linux it works.
>> Is there an solution or workaround?
>> Both should work, the special characters and the commandline version.
>> You find the phpinfo output of the testsystem under
>> I hope someone can help.
>> Regards
>> Reinhold
>> --
>> R.M. Roppert