Subject: Question RE pkgsrc-bugs list
To: None <>
From: Chris Turner <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 10/20/2007 19:44:59

Today I did some digging on pr#36518 r.e. pkg_select on linux -

Have some findings / possible steps towards a fix (unfortunately not a
fix though)

How are the problem reports updated?

I only saw notes on send-pr in

which states:


    All bug reports in category "pkg" sent with send-pr(1) appear here.
Please do not report your bugs here directly; use one of the other
mailing lists.

and the web interface doesn't seem to let you make updates..

ditto on 'send but no updating info' here:

Pointers on what to do in the general sense welcome -
Haven't mailed the maintainer yet.


- Chris