Subject: upgrade for pkgsrc/shells/mksh
To: None <>
From: Thorsten Glaser <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 10/19/2007 23:00:32

there=E2=80=99s an updated pkgsrc package for mksh available at

Please review and commit; see for
a detailled change log of mksh.

As usual, you probably want to comment out the regression test
for its dependency on perl, until USE_TOOLS+=3Dperl:regress has
been implemented by J=C3=B6rg (in a couple of decades or so=E2=80=A6 ;) and
remove the hashes you don=E2=80=99t use from the distinfo file (which,
in my local copy, is shared between MirPorts, NetBSD=C2=AE pkgsrc=C2=AE,
and OpenBSD ports; this is the reason for them to exist there,
in case anyone wonders).

Also, I would be happy if there were someone more familiar with
pkgsrc=C2=AE who would take up maintaining this source package and
incorporate upgraded versions more quickly than until now. Feel
free to just do it, don=E2=80=99t even ask me, I just did the package
because if I hadn=E2=80=99t, there would still not be any=E2=80=A6 and sinc=
e my
diffs to support MirBSD in pkgsrc=C2=AE weren=E2=80=99t committed I can=E2=
really use pkgsrc=C2=AE myself either.

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