Subject: Re: problem with install tbz (tar bzip2) packages from web
To: None <>
From: Pierre Pronchery <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 10/18/2007 22:16:20

Ondřej Tůma wrote:
> Any other download from my server is ok, tgz (old) packages from this
> server, from this directory (url) works fine. And in output, that is
> talking about gzip :(

I have no idea about how the pieces are supposed to fit together with
pkgsrc on Linux. However, I think that NetBSD's gzip is able to
uncompress bzip2 files, while GNU gzip probably does not:

>      This version of gzip is also capable of decompressing files compressed
>      using compress(1) or bzip2(1).

(thanks mrg@ for this, and I think it's much better this way)

So either:
- you should have BSD gzip installed, and have it in your PATH
environment variable *before* GNU gzip;
- or pkgsrc is really supposed to call bzip2, but this problem has gone

Either way, you should be fine by simply installing NetBSD's
implementation of gzip.