Subject: gnome-2.20
To: None <>
From: Matthias Drochner <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 10/02/2007 23:18:14
Hi -
I've accumulated a lot of patches for gnome pkgs within the
last weeks, and since I'll be unavailable for some weeks
when the current freeze ends I'll make them available
here to encourage review and testing.
That's not completely polished, and some parts are missing
(eg accessibility, system monitoring, C#) but generally it
"works for me" well enough.

There are four files for ftp on
which should be applied in about that order.

first.tar.gz: Some updates which should be done early because
 other pkgs depend on them. rarian/scrollkeeper needs to
 be done early because everything installing documentation
 depends on it. gnome-keyring is needed by gnome-platform
 but not listed there which looks like an inconsistency in
 gnome's distribution system. poppler will be needed by evince,
 but old evince doesn't build against new poppler and vice-versa.

diff.platform: Updates for the gnome-platform part which were not
 done before the freeze. I don't expect major compatibility problems.

diff.python: Updates for the Python bindings. Should not cause
 problems too.

desktop.tar.gz: Updates for the higher levels of the desktop.
 That's of varying quality. (gdm being the worst imo)
 Please test and report/fix.

The .tar.gz files contain new pkgs and a "diff" file with
patches, the diff. files just patches.

have fun

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