Subject: Re: zsh-current update long overdue
To: Chris Ross <>
From: Chavdar Ivanov <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 09/20/2007 08:18:42
On 20/09/2007, Chris Ross <> wrote:
>    Hello there.  I wanted to inquire about the possibility of
> updating zsh-current from 4.3.2, to 4.3.4.  4.3.4 has been out for
> many months, and has a number of fixed for multi-byte character support.

I did almost the same a few weeks ago, but didn't gripe it at the time
and forgot about it; I have been running that version for some time
without any problem.

The only trouble I have been having with zsh-current (either versions)
is on hp700 port - for some inexplicable (to me) reason the globbing
does not work at all.

>    I wrapped my own modifications to the zsh-current tree in my local
> pkgsrc.  I'll append them to this email message, because they're not
> very large, they seem to work, and it might accelerate the update of
> the tree.  :-D
>    The patch to the current zsh-current is attached.  Please let me
> know if there's a better way to ask for this, or do the work myself.
> Thanks!
>                         - Chris
Chavdar Ivanov