Subject: Change bulk builds to modular XOrg pkgs?
To: None <>
From: Andrew Daugherity <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 09/17/2007 17:45:58
It seems the 2007Q2 packages on are built with the
native XFree86 (or, at least, not X11_TYPE=modular).  I installed a
new system with 4.0_RC1, pkgsrc-2007Q2, and modular (built
x11/modular-xorg-server,meta/modular-xorg-{fonts,drivers,apps} from
source since there are no binary packages for most of that).

I expected m-x-apps would include xterm but apparently it didn't
(should it?).  I installed the binary with "make bin-install" (after
setting BINPKG_SITES to the right URL in my mk.conf), and it appeared
to succeed, having its dependencies satisfied, but xterm wouldn't run,
as it was looking for, and the version installed from
pkgsrc was  I built xterm from source and all is
well, but because of this I feel I can't trust any binary packages (at
least, anything using X) to work with modular

Since it seems modular is the way of the future, could the
builds be changed (maybe with the 2007Q3 release) to use
X11_TYPE=modular?  Building all of X takes quite some time, and while
it's not likely to have modular in base any time soon (if ever),
it would nice to have binary packages to install during/immediately
after installation.  I realize it's not feasible to build for all of
native X11, monolithic, and modular, so could we just pick a
release (Q3, or if that's too soon, Q4) to make the switch?

Perhaps we could do something like FreeBSD and have the X11 packages
on the CD (it may be too late for 4.0, but for 5.0?).  In 2007 XFree86
is useless to me (its only advantage is binary sets on the CD, but
that's not much of an advantage since I have to rebuild everything to
use from pkgsrc).