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Date: 08/26/2007 11:42:18
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On Sat, 25 Aug 2007 12:07:49 +1000
"Paul (NCC/CS.)" <> wrote:
> Can anyone help with this please?
> broken packages all over in latest pkgsrc!
> paul.

I started yesterday a bulk build of all my packages, using pkg_comp,
now that I've set X11 modular. Are you building all your X11 packages
from the beginning? remember that libraries and headers, after setting
X11_TYPE, must be looked at the modular X11 packages, already built, not
in the /usr/X11R6 directory.

I had current, libXrender and company compiled without problems with
yesterday's CVS sources.

I wouldn't say that are broken packages all over pkgsrc, maybe I would
say that am doing something wrong. You are not going to get more (or
less) support saying that.

C=C3=A9sar Catri=C3=A1n Carre=C3=B1o

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