Subject: skype is really stale
To: None <>
From: clayton <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 08/20/2007 15:14:26

I am somewhat new to NetBSD and trying to build a NetBSD desktop to see
how close I can come to my Debian Linux desktop capabilities (I am
*really* impressed with how fast one of my java apps runs on NetBSD....)

Skype seems to be my first iceberg.

Current version in pkgsrc is skype_staticQT-, which is giving
me some problems (crappy audio, can't access my USB headphones) that I
think the latest and greatest skype version might do better

I tried a couple of simple Makefile hacks:
* changed skype_staticQT- to skype_staticQT-, which
found nothing to download.
* changed skype_staticQT- to skype-, which downloaded
skype- from skype, but had some fatal errors on "make

My limited knowledge of pkgsrc and building-from-source leaves me
unsure where to go from here.

Is it possible to get a newer Skype? Does this require some support
from the folks at Skype? I would be happy to help someone more
knowledgeable if that would speed the process.