Subject: Re: base system + pkgsrc software
To: Lieven De Keyzer <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 08/15/2007 10:38:37
On Wed, 15 Aug 2007, Lieven De Keyzer wrote:

> On 8/14/07, Jeremy C. Reed <> wrote:
> > p.s. Since you use Linux from Scratch, you should simplify it as much as
> > possible and use pkgsrc components. I have done this a lot for a few years
> > to build pkgsrc-only Linux systems.
> >
> Could you elaborate on how you build pkgsrc-only Linux systems? Are
> there besides the kernel any other applications or libraries not
> managed by pkgsrc?

It has been awhile since I have worked on it. But I did run and maintain 
it for a few years.

Even the kernel and glibc and every single component was built via pkgsrc 
and maintained via pkgsrc tools. A lot of it (but not all) is in 

This is old but here are some links:
(The rest of my docs would be in many emails I composed over a few years.)

> > p.p.s. If you, or anyone else, wants to help me document building Linux
> > systems from source (not specific to LFS or pkgsrc but do mention both),
> > please let me know.
> >
> Yes, I'm interested in helping you.

Thanks. I will get back with you. I have one other person email also.

Basically, I want to work on the docs on what I did but also be more 
generic so it doesn't solely focus on pkgsrc. It will document what makes 
a Linux distro -- what components, how to configure, build and install, 
plus add-ons. (I know LFS and other books exist already.) It will use 
pkgsrc for some examples.

  Jeremy C. Reed