Subject: Re: base system + pkgsrc software
To: pkgsrc-users <>
From: Mark E. Perkins <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 08/14/2007 05:19:24
On 2007/08/13 18:50, Lieven De Keyzer wrote:
> I'm wondering what is the best way to handle software that is already
> installed on my base system (Linux From Scratch) and needed for other
> base system applications but is also listed as a dependency for
> software in the pkgsrc framework, like zlib or db4.
> Should I just install such software two times or are there better solutions?

pkgsrc includes logic to check whether the native/base version of a pkg is
sufficient (this is via the for the pkg in question).  You can
indicate a preference for use of native vs. pkgsrc or even force it with
appropriate settings in your mk.conf.  I have the following note to myself
(extracted from a mailing list comment by jlam@, I think) on this:

PREFER_{PKGSRC,NATIVE} is the proper way to indicate _preference_
for pkgsrc/native installation.  USE_BUILTIN.pkg is stronger; says
use the native/builtin version regardless of whether it satisfies
checks in

My experience is that pkgsrc _usually_ gets it right.  The things that pkgsrc
wants to install that are already in the base system are (usually) newer in
pkgsrc, but it may be the case that they are built with a specifc set of
options to support pkgsrc use.  Be aware that there are some pkgs (perl, in
particular) where pkgsrc insists on its version (a case of being built with
options specific to pkgsrc needs).