Subject: Binary packages for 2007Q2 NetBSD-3.0/sparc64 available
To: NetBSD port-sparc64 mailing list <>
From: Julian Coleman <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 08/08/2007 10:37:11

The results of a pkgsrc bulk build update of pkgsrc-2007Q2 on
NetBSD-3.0.2/sparc64 have been uploaded and the packages are now
available at:
and its mirrors.

The packages were built from sources updated on July 2, 2007.  6274
packages were sucessfully built (totalling 6.1GB).

The packages were built on a machine running NetBSD 3.0.2 and should be
useable on any sparc64 machine running NetBSD 3.0.x or NetBSD 3.x.

Now that the pkgsrc-200671 and pkgsrc-2007Q2 packages are available, the
pkgsrc-2006Q4 NetBSD-3.0/sparc64 packages will be removed.


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