Subject: Problems updating tnftp-20050625 to tnftp-20050625nb1 (work-around
To: None <>
From: Volkmar Seifert <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 07/27/2007 10:07:55
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Hello all,

Yesterday, I updated parts of my NetBSD 3.1 System on my UltraSPARC.
When attempting to update tnftp, it failed, stating

Package `tnftp-20050625' is marked as not for deletion

and failing to install.

I tried to manually pkg_delete it, as suggested by the error-message, but=
 only to read the
message above again.

To have it installed, I tried

# make do-install

but that did not update the pkg-db.

So I experimented a bit.

First, I tried

# pkg_delete -N tnftp-20050625

but that didn't change anything, tnftp still failed to install, so I trie=

# pkg_delete -O tnftp-20050625

This time, it did not bring the above message anymore, but told me, that =
tnftp was already
installed with this version. A make update, make reinstall as well as a m=
ake install failed.

After that, I tried

# pkg_delete -fN tnftp-20050625

Which resulted in the following messages:

Package `tnftp-20050625' is marked as not for deletion
Deleting anyway
original MD5 checksum failed, deleting anyway: /usr/pkg/bin/ftp

I tried

#make update

again, and viola - this time it worked.

How "dangerous" is the use of -f in this case, where an old package is re=
placed by a newer
one? I think, there should not be any risk involved, but I don't know tnf=
tp very well and
even less which packages depend on it.

And since this is just a workaround, may be someone can come up with a re=
al fix for this?


MfG / best regards
	Volkmar Seifert

 "Programming today is a race between software developers, striving to
  build bigger and better idiot proof software, and the Universe, trying
  to produce bigger and better idiots.
  So far, the Universe is winning."

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