Subject: Re: Quake and CD audio broken on Slackware Lunix 10.2 (kludge included)
To: None <>
From: Ross Cameron <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 07/19/2007 08:44:57
On 18/07/07, De Zeurkous <> wrote:
> Haai,
> When using Slackware Lunix 10.2 (kernel version 2.4.31), Quake's CD audio
> does not seem to work, thanks to the rather ungeneric and otherwise broken
> kernel interface which has a habit of rejecting system calls whenever it
> feels like it.

Shot,.. thanks for the patch I've been irritated by this for ages,...
but I'll admit I've been to lazy to fix it myself.

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                  LUnix = Little Unix for C64/C128