Subject: Re: rename a DISTFILE at download time?
To: Mark E. Perkins <>
From: reed <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 07/03/2007 18:12:39
> Is there a way in pkgsrc to rename a DISTFILE when it is downloaded?  
> The reason I'm asking is that x11/xpmicons downloads both KDEicons.tgz 
> and kdeicons.tgz, which results in breakage on case insensitive file 
> systems.  My thought is that an easy fix would be to save (remote file) 
> KDEicons.tgz as (local file) KDEicons_.tgz (say).  I don't see a way to 
> do this with a pre-* or post-* target.
> Is this possible?  Or is there a better pkgsrc solution for something 
> like this?

Have a look at the pre-fetch target for an example in 

  Jeremy C. Reed