Subject: Re: building a package -- question about the configure stage
To: None <>
From: James K. Lowden <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 05/28/2007 07:11:08
Jan Danielsson wrote:
> my next guess is that my change to
> will never do any good, because the configure merely *runs*
> the configure script, without actually generating it from the
> file. ... Ergo, I need to run autoconf.

As they say in Sweden, "Ja, just det."  Exactly.  autoconf reads and generates configure.  

If I were tackling something like this, not knowing much about pkgsrc
internals, I'd develop my patches from the applications CVS tree or latest
tarball, outside pkgsrc.  Then, once I had a clean build and a running
program, I'd go back to figuring how to package it.  

But maybe there's an easier way....