Subject: cdrtools vs cdrtools-ossdvd
To: None <>
From: Raymond Meyer <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 05/24/2007 13:42:19
Hi, there are two packages that use Joerg Schilling cdrecord software, they are
sysutils/cdrtools and sysutils/cdrtools-ossdvd. I was under the impression that
cdrtools did not have support for writing DVDs, so I installed cdrtools-ossdvd.
A few days ago I had a problem with the software, it was working fine, but then
after a while it would exit with an error message when I tried to write a CD. I
don't know if it was the problem with the driver in NetBSD kernel or the
software package itself. I sent a mail to netbsd-users mailing list and got a
reply from Joerg Schilling saying that I should try the original software
package, i.e. cdrtools as it has support for writing DVDs. In his opinion
cdrtools-ossdvd comes with a patch that is not actively maintained and was done
by people who did not have a good understanding of the original author's

I've tried both packages, both of them write CDs and DVDs. Cdrtools seems to
work better and it looks like it's maintained better than cdrtools-ossdvd, i..e
it just looks more up to date with better descriptive messages instead of magic
numbers, etc. May I suggest removing cdrtools-ossdvd, because it is redundant
and modifying DESCR file of cdrtools to make it clear that this package has
support for writing CDs and well as DVDs.