Subject: heather
To: None <>
From: tech---sub <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 05/16/2007 10:31:08

i have two web cams 

Logitech Orbit MP (i doubt will ever work with BSD)

The other is

Logitech 4000 Which i know does work so they say

i have been using FreeBSD and OpenBSD mostly for my Web and File Server
However i have trouble using it as my Desktop because i can not
install or know how to install the web cam drivers.

So currently i am using Ubuntu as my Desktop
Since it detects my cam and Scanner so much easier.

i would like to Use BSD for my Desktop but need a easy to understand
step by step tutorial how to install the pwc drivers step by step for
someone lke me who needs help

i am part of the Freebsd Forum as Screen Name heatherval

Everyone there that gives me advice does not even own a cam therefore
its almost impossible for them to help me.

i was hoping i could get some help from someone who has experience
i saw the web site

Right now im using Ubunu but if you know for sure
you can help me with your expertise 
i will install BSD again before hand

Thank You so much i advance if you can help me


i have aim and msn messenger as well