Subject: Re: cleanest way to maintain 'my hacks on packages' in pkgsrc
To: None <>
From: brad harder <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 05/15/2007 18:23:29
On Wed, May 16, 2007 at 10:34:23AM +1000, George Michaelson wrote:
> I love igal. its in wip/igal. But, I want to hack on it, to make the
> installed template be "my" template, and change some icon behaviours.
> Its already frozen code (I asked the author, no dev since 2003)
> Its already accreted some useful hacks in patches/
> forking can be evil, but driving "my" hacks into patches/ is really
> overkill.
> So, do we have a generalized model of how to make a mini-hack pkg which:
> 	1) depends on the base pkg and/or CONFLICTS with it somehow
> 		depending on what makes sense
> 	2) overloads it with localized patches I own
> 	3) could be shared via wip or other pkgsrc if useful
> I'm thinking a pkgsrc/localhacks/<thing> hierarchy which is in
> the .cvsignore, so it doesn't freak my updates.
> What do other people do?

I've got a few pet projects and experiments that I just run in /usr/pkgsrc/[foo]/[pkgname] ... where in my case [foo] is the initials of my name ("bch")... Therefore if I'm working with the newer version of tcllib, I'd run that in /usr/pkgsrc/bch/tcllib

Usually the [foo] part of the path is the pkg category. The CATEGORIES of the Makefile still need to reflect valid "regular" categories (ie: [foo] doesn't automatically become a valid category), but otherwise, as far as I can tell, everything seems to work fine.

> -G