Subject: Re: HEADS UP: Removal candidates for Gnome 1 cleanup
To: None <>
From: Alan Post <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 05/05/2007 23:20:53
In article <>, Thomas Klausner wrote:
> Please take a look at the following list of packages and let me know
> if you are still using one or more of the following packages.
> wm/sawfish			(gtk2 version in wip/sawfish-gtk2)

I'd love to use a gtk2-based sawfish, but last time I tried the one in
wip, it wasn't working.  I spent some time looking into it, but it's
some really weird libtool mumble, and I didn't get anywhere.

But in any case, yes, I for one am still using sawfish!  You have to
admit that a wm you can programmably extend in lisp, and which has a
repl client, is pretty cool.