Subject: Re: upcoming anniversary
To: Gary Thorpe <>
From: Tobias Nygren <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 04/29/2007 22:53:23
Gary Thorpe wrote:
> --- Blair Sadewitz <> wrote:
>> Yes.  We compile a list of all of the improvements  pkgsrc has made
>> over the FreeBSD ports collection from which it forked, bind them
>> into
>> convenient 500-page leather-bound volumes a la library copies of the
>> Oxford Unabridged English Dictionary (complete with velveteen
>> bookmark), send them to a bunch of free software organizations, and
>> ask why more people don't use pkgsrc. ;)
>> --Blair
> Just out of curiosity: what advantages does pkgsrc have over FreeBSD
> ports? Maybe someone could write them down and stick them in a web page
> for NetBSD advocacy?
Cool thing you can do with pkgsrc #3134:

In the computer labs at school they have solaris workstations,
but the installed software is poorly maintained. Users have a 50MB
quota. But the machines have several gigabytes of ram+swap, and
/tmp is a tmpfs mount.

In my ~/.login I untar a pkgsrc bootstrap kit to /tmp/pkg
and then pkg_add some prebuilt binary packages I need to get
my projects done. (Packages are hosted on my server at home.)
When I logout, the directory in /tmp is removed.