Subject: Re: games/openttd
To: Antonio Marques <>
From: Jan Danielsson <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 04/25/2007 00:37:11
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Antonio Marques wrote:
>>    That patch was incomplete (not actually "broken" -- it was missing
>> some files in PLIST). The attached patch should fix it.
> I am unable to test these updates and would like to step down as
> mantainer of this
> package due to lack of time. Maybe Jan could take over? If not, please
> change the
> maintainer to pkgsrc-users@.

   What does being a maintainer entail? Do I have to make sure it
compiles on three-and-a-half bit VAX systems from 1800?

   If it just means "make sure it compiles, send in appropriate patches
when there are new releases", then sure -- why not?

Kind regards,
Jan Danielsson

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