Subject: want ms-ttf package on FTP
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 04/11/2007 23:44:03
Please see the ms-ttf thread on tech-pkg in December 2004.

Some want ms-ttf package to be allowed on FTP for downloads.

The license indicates that you can't modify the fonts. I don't see this as 
a limitation to making it available especially since we don't already also 
set NO_SRC_ON_FTP. So I want to remove NO_BIN_ON_FTP.

The license indicates you can't sell the fonts as part of another product. 
Since we have know that some CDs are sold, maybe this should continue to 

The pkgsrc Guide says if you use that, then RESTRICTED should be set too.

But pkglint said "Restricted packages must have a LICENSE." But that means 
I must add it to ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES. According to the docs, this seems 
wrong since the LICENSE is for copyright issues and not redistribution 
issues. This is confusing. I want to remove the LICENSE (but I will still 
install the license file).

Again, we don't already set NO_SRC_ON_FTP and I want to remove the 
NO_BIN_ON_FTP and LICENSE restrictions.

Is this okay?

Please see the ms-ttf thread on tech-pkg in December 2004 about the 
discussion about licensing and distribution issues. Also I discussed this 
in Sept. 2004.

  Jeremy C. Reed