Subject: Re: NetBSD Export Control List Clarification
To: Siju George <>
From: Greg Troxel <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 04/05/2007 20:25:56
"Siju George" <> writes:

>> Could you explain what issues you are having and seeking to avoid?
>> India is not on the list of prohibited countries.
> Yes Basically it involves Downloading Cryptographic Software from
> websites in the US.  I hear some talk that except for Canada some
> Cryptographic Software should not be downloaded from US.

That's not what the notice says, but if you are concerned about 'some
talk' then you probably you need to get your own legal advice, as
always.  There's no way anyone on this list can give you a meaningful
response to 'some talk'.

>>   Is there any way to disable pkgsrc to download Software from sites
>>   located in countries such as US that restricts some forms of Software
>>   from being downloaded?
>> I don't believe that there is any such mechanism.  Adding it would
>> require some sort way to identify the set of sites the user wishes to
>> exclude.  This seems hard to do programmatically with high assurance.
>>   but don't want to play with mk.conf :-(
>> If such a mechanism were introduced, it would surely be off by default
>> (because the current situation is not broadly objectionable) and be
>> enabled by setting a variable in mk.conf.
> yes something like that will be helpful for users outside US Canada
> and other US Friendly Countries :-)

My point was that there isn't such a mechanism, and it doesn't seem
likely to happen because there's no consensus that the benefit would be
worth the added complexity.