Subject: Re: Solaris and AMD64 support
To: Gilles Dauphin <>
From: Ernesto Bascon <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 04/05/2007 13:43:48
Using your patches I had problems on building some packages (e.g.
gmake, it needed to include alloca.h explicitly in all the C files but
I guess it is a gmake problem).

I was trying to build KDE 3.5.6 from the scratch in Solaris Express
build 55, and the process failed when trying to compile cdparanoia
(the error says that it is not ported to Solaris)... trying to compile
meta-pkgs/kde3, is there a way to remove some packages to avoid its
installation? in this case, cdparanoia?

On 05/04/07, Gilles Dauphin <> wrote:
> > I test my boostrap patch on 4 builds on almost 800 packages.
> >      sparc
> >      sparc64
> >      i386
> >      x86_64
> >
> > It works fine.
> I forgot I tested also whith Sunpro in 32 bits mode , and it works!!!
> Gilles