Subject: Re: misc/openoffice2 on Solaris
To: Raymond Meyer <>
From: Kouichirou Hiratsuka <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 04/05/2007 00:10:34

At Wed, 4 Apr 2007 12:22:51 +0100,
Raymond Meyer wrote:
> Trying to build openoffice2 on SPARC Solaris:
> ERROR: This package is only available for these platforms: NetBSD-1.6Z[G-Z]*-i386 NetBSD-[2-9]*-i386.
> ERROR: This package has set PKG_FAIL_REASON:
> ERROR: openoffice2-2.1.0nb5 is not available for SunOS-5.10-sparc
> *** Error code 255
> Stop.
> bmake: stopped in /opt/pkgsrc/misc/openoffice2
> What needs to be done to build this package on Solaris??

Please try the following steps:

  1. Remove ONLY_FOR_PLATFORM from Makefile.
  2. Run `make configure'.
  3. Create Makefile.${OPSYS}.${ARCH} and define OPENOFFICE_OUTPATH

     OPSYS:              make show-var VARNAME=OPSYS
     ARCH:               make show-var VARNAME=ARCH
     OPENOFFICE_OUTPATH: grep '^OUTPATH' ${WRKDIR}/*.sh | awk -F= '{print $2}'
     OPENOFFICE_SETFILE: ls ${WRKDIR}/*.sh | sed 's/\.Set\.sh$//g'

  4. Run `make'.
BTW, I'll update misc/openoffice2 to 2.2.0 soon.

best regards.
 Kouichirou Hiratsuka