Subject: problems with kde, xorg, and (perhaps) 4.0beta2
To: None <>
From: Steven M. Bellovin <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 03/31/2007 22:04:25
I just brought up a machine running 4.0beta2 and xorg.  KDE --
everything was freshly compiled from pkgsrc HEAD -- gave me a lot of
trouble.  It wouldn't start initially; it complained that it couldn't
find iceauth.  Following advice found via google, I created symlinks
to /usr/pkg/xorg from /usr/X11 and /usr/X11R6.  (The comments about PATH
settings in kdmrc appear to be correct; regardless, setting the path
explicitly didn't work.)  I also set PATH in /etc/rc.conf.d/kdm; that
didn't do the trick.  *Something*, I think, is resetting the path.

Once I get iceauth running, I got most of the way through the login
process, when things failed because /tmp/.ICE-unix wasn't owned by
root.  I've bypassed that by creating/chmoding it in /etc/rc.local.  (I
have vague recollections of encountering that before, but there's
nothing in rc.local (or anywhere else in /etc) in the 3.1/XFree86 kdm
disk I have.

Some of the problems are clearly due to xorg.  I'm not sure about that
latter; Google found plenty of other people who had run into it.

		--Steve Bellovin,