Subject: Linux, pkgsrc and NVIDIA
To: pkgsrc-users <>
From: Lieven De Keyzer <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 03/30/2007 21:18:02
I installed the NVIDIA driver by running
" --no-opengl-headers"

At the end of the installation, I get:

ERROR: The runtime configuration check failed for the library
       '' (expected: '/usr/lib/', found:
       '/usr/pkg/lib/').  The most likely reason for this is that
       conflicting OpenGL libraries are installed in a location not inspected
       by `nvidia-installer`.  Please be sure you have uninstalled any
       third-party OpenGL and/or third-party graphics driver packages.

The driver works, but I want to know if there are situations where I
could run into problems having two different libraries like
this ?