Subject: Re: Conflicts when building two packages at the same time
To: Blair Sadewitz <>
From: Loic Hoguin <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 03/28/2007 03:21:54
On Mon, 26 Mar 2007 18:16:17 +0200, Blair Sadewitz  
<> wrote:

> To work around this, do:
> $ make fetch-list | tee ~/somefile.txt
> The 'tee' command will let you see what's going on as it writes the
> list for later use.
> for the packages which have a lot of dependencies.
> You can also prepare a list of packages, one per line, like:
> www/firefox
> security/sudo
> devel/subversion-base
> and then run, from the root of your pkgsrc tree:
> for i in `cat /path/to/list.txt`; do \
>   ( cd $i && make fetch ); \
> done
> You can incorporate the fetch-list target here as you see fit.

Thanks for the tip, that's a good idea (better than the extravagant one
I was thinking).

> To speed up builds, I often use MAKE_JOBS=2 (I have two cores/CPUs).
> This requires me to keep a list of packages which I know are not
> MAKE_JOBS_SAFE but do not have this included in their makefiles and
> add some makefile rules to set MAKE_JOBS to empty if one of those were
> encountered.  You can just add MAKE_JOBS_SAFE=no to each makefile, but
> I find it easier to work from a central list of them than modify
> makefiles all over the place.

Thanks, it works really well.

I found a few which don't have the rule included and are not jobs safe,
would it help if I submitted the list of packages? (all in one PR, when
all packages would be installed)


Loc Hoguin