Subject: Re: problems with fonts/menus in opera-linux under netbsd (WORKAROUND)
To: Holger Weiss <>
From: Dennis den Brok <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 03/26/2007 23:31:10
FYI, it seems to be rather a problem with locale data than with fonts (the  
menu thing is probably due to larswm, the menus just hide behind the main  
window, as I accidentally found today as well). I finally figured setting  
LC_ALL to C works for me, but of course I get en_US units, day names etc.  
now. It would sure be nice to have that localized correctly. Does anyone  
have an idea concerning that matter? Holger's seperate problem with  
Bitstream Vera-fonts, see below, didn't happen to me, though, and I don't  
know how to fix it, either.

Dennis den Brok

Am 26.03.2007, 17:10 Uhr, schrieb Holger Weiss <holger@CIS.FU-Berlin.DE>:

> [ As I don't have any solution, just a quick private reply ... ]
> * Dennis den Brok <> [2007-03-23 22:21]:
>> Opera 9.01 and 9.10 under linux emulation from NetBSD 3.1, 4.99.3 and
>> 4.0_BETA2 (SuSE10*) with native XF4.5 and modular from pkgsrc do
>> strange things: some UI texts aren't displayed, for instance those
>> indicating download progress in the download manager, and menus  
>> disappear
>> when others, e.g. sub-menus, are closed. I've been seeing this for a  
>> long
>> time and now increasingly wonder whether I'm the only one.
> I've never seen menus disappearing, but I have the same problem with
> regard to text not being displayed within the download manager; and
> sometimes also for web content, at least if I use Bitstream Vera (Xft)
> fonts.  It seems to be somehow related to the handling of certain fonts
> and/or font sizes or whatever.  The really odd thing is that the problem
> is often solved by restarting Opera.
> Holger