Subject: Re: net/netcat6 and !inet6
To: Todd Vierling <>
From: Adrian Portelli <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 03/25/2007 15:26:28
Todd Vierling wrote:
> IIRC, it requires definitions for AF_INET6, inet_ntop(), and
> gethostbyname2() even if you do something like --disable-ipv6.  I
> can't remember the exact reason, and my pkgsrc tree is currently in
> limbo (as I'm waiting for Panix to increase my Xen disk space
> allotment so I can pull down a tree again).
> That said, what's the point of netcat6 without... ipv6?

As I understand it netcat6 works over IPv4 or IPv6 so on an IPv4 only
host I'd assume it would offer the same functionality, but just over
IPv4.  Just looking at their homepage they claim to have made some
changes between the original netcat and their implementation as well so
it's not strictly like net/netcat6 - IPv6 = net/netcat.