Subject: Re: proofreading pkgsrc flyers
To: Stefan 'Kaishakunin' Schumacher <>
From: Roland Illig <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 02/20/2007 20:32:21
Stefan 'Kaishakunin' Schumacher wrote:
> Also sprach Stefan 'Kaishakunin' Schumacher (
>>I've created two flyers to advocate pkgsrc, one in German and another
>>in English. Contents are the same. However, I would prefer if someone
>>would proofread them.
> Thanks for all the suggestions, I've updated both flyers. 
> I removed pkg_views and substituted it with a section about Docs and
> installing as non-root. It would be great if someone could write 2-3
> sentences for the toppic of non-privileged buils, since I never used
> it.

My last unprivileged bulk build resulted in this report:

         Successfully packaged:          4180
         Packages really broken:         337
         Pkgs broken due to them:        1872
         Total broken:                   2209
         Not packaged:                   29
         Not available:                  80
         Total:                          2238

And that's with all warnings and checks enabled that I could think of, 
as usual. ;)