Subject: mMy iTunes does not open my shared music (from daapd)
To: None <>
From: Joel CARNAT <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 02/20/2007 00:21:17

I installed audio/daapd to ba able to access my CD collection (converted
in mp3) staying on my server. howl-1.0.0 and daapd-0.2.4bnb1 are installed
and started. iTunes (v7 from Mac OS X Tiger) sees the shared server but
when I click on it, it doesn't show anything and go back to the previous

daapd is configured as follow:
# cat /usr/pkg/etc/daapd.conf
Port            3689
ServerName      TuM'Fatig music
DBName          daapd server
Root            /home/joel/mp3_test
Cache           /tmp
Timescan        2
RescanInterval  60

I can't see anything in the server (NetBSD/4.0_BETA2 domU) logs.
I only have 3 mp3 files in the directory.
The server and the mac are on the same subnet.

Any idea why I can't access the servers data ?