Subject: How to set a valid compiler for audio/festival?
To: None <>
From: Anthony Mallet <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 02/07/2007 15:46:12
Hi all,

I am wondering how to set a valid compiler for audio/festival, that
doesn't support gcc-4.

My whole pkgsrc is compiled with PKGSRC_COMPILER=ccache gcc, I am
working on linux FC5 and gcc32 is installed (not from pkgsrc).
I tried to "bmake update PKG_COMPILER=gcc32", that doesn't seem to work.

I would like to use the already installed gcc32 compiler if possible, is
it possible?
Installing gcc3 from pkgsrc would help? Apparently the
package must include some specific files in order to use
other compilers?

Any hints?