Subject: Re: xmlsec1 --with-nss
To: None <>
From: Klaus Heinz <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 02/05/2007 00:03:04
Johannes Hofmann wrote:

> I tried to modify the Makefile (see below), but the configure script
> does not accept separate values for nss-includes and nss-libs. Only
> a --with-nss option is allowed. In addition it does not seem to
> honor CPPFLAGS during configure.
> Any ideas how to compile in nss support?

As the xmlsec1 software can use several security libraries I think 
it might be a good idea to split this package:
	xmlsec1 (or xmlsec1-openssl)
	xmlsec1-gnutls (not needed so far)

After looking a little at this package and security/nss I have some

- The pkgsrc packages nss and nspr put their files in subdirectories,
  ie /usr/pkg/include/nspr/ instead of /usr/pkg/include/. Additionally,
  nss puts its header files in /usr/pkg/include/nss/nss/ and
  While it would it is possible to teach the configure script of xmlsec1
  about the subdirectories for header files and libraries, the fact that
  nss uses nss/nss complicates things.
  Some research showed that neither Debian nor SuSE/Redhat use such a
  directory scheme and I would like to know why pkgsrc does. The Linux
  distributions do not have a "dbm" directory in their libnss-dev(el)

- Correct usage of pkg-config for nss and nspr in xmlsec1's configure
  script would simplify the configuration but then
  "pkg-config --cflags nss" tells me

  and I think this is not correct because the nss header files live in
  We should either put the correct value into nss.pc or move the header
  file from /usr/pkg/include/nss/nss/ to /usr/pkg/include/nss/.

I have put a first version of xmlsec1-openssl and xmlsec1-nss at
The two packages are not complete and especially the patches to use nss
(I added --with-nss-includes and --with-nss-libs) are only preliminary.

Unfortunately the biggest problem is: xmlsec1-nss does not work.
While xmlsec1-openssl completes the test suite (after adding GNU
make to USE_TOOLS) xmlsec1-nss does not because the program xmlsec1
receives SIGABRT for every test :-/.

I do not have enough time to debug this further, so maybe someone else can
look at this.