Subject: graphics/jpeg build failure - libtool not found?
To: None <>
From: Iain Hibbert <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 01/30/2007 17:25:46
   I'm in the process of updating my several months old system, I've build
a new NetBSD-current release and installed a new kernel. I've not
installed the userland all over yet, but am using the new release with
pkgtools/pkg_comp to build packages in a sandbox.

   I am getting the following error when trying to build graphics/jpeg:

===> Creating toolchain wrappers for jpeg-6bnb3
===> Configuring for jpeg-6bnb3
=> Checking for portability problems in extracted files
=> Modifying GNU configure scripts to avoid --recheck
=> Replacing config-guess with pkgsrc versions
=> Replacing config-sub with pkgsrc versions
checking for gcc... cc
checking whether the C compiler (cc -O2 -Wl,-R/usr/pkg/lib) works... yes
checking whether the C compiler (cc -O2 -Wl,-R/usr/pkg/lib) is a
cross-compiler... no
checking whether we are using GNU C... yes
checking how to run the C preprocessor... cc -E
checking for function prototypes... yes
checking for stddef.h... yes
checking for stdlib.h... yes
checking for string.h... yes
checking for size_t... yes
checking for type unsigned char... yes
checking for type unsigned short... yes
checking for type void... yes
checking for working const... yes
checking for inline... __inline__
checking for broken incomplete types... ok
checking for short external names... ok
checking to see if char is signed... yes
checking to see if right shift is signed... yes
checking to see if fopen accepts b spec... yes
checking for a BSD compatible install... /usr/bin/install -c -o root -g
checking for ranlib... ranlib
ltconfig: cannot run ./config.sub
Try `ltconfig --help' for more information.
checking libjpeg version number... 62
creating ./config.status
creating Makefile
creating jconfig.h
=> Modifying libtool scripts to use pkgsrc libtool
===> Building for jpeg-6bnb3
./libtool --mode=compile cc -O2  -I. -c ./jcapimin.c
sh: ./libtool: not found
*** Error code 127

make: stopped in /pkg_comp/obj/pkgsrc/graphics/jpeg/default/jpeg-6b
*** Error code 1


Any ideas what might be going wrong?  libtool is installed but there is no
libtool in the jpeg-6b directory, maybe because ltconfig failed?