Subject: PR etiquette
To: None <>
From: Carson Chittom <>
List: pkgsrc-users
Date: 01/28/2007 08:53:37

As I mentioned in my earlier email about guile-www, I'm trying to 
install finance/gnucash.  When one of its dependencies, gnome-vfs2, 
failed to build, a search of the PR's found someone with the same 
problem on the same OS as well as a very simple fix (it's PR 35263, if 
you're curious), but on a different minor version of gnome-vfs2 
(2.16.0 versus 2.16.3).  I'm very much a newbie to pkgsrc and the 
NetBSD way of doing things, so I'm not sure of the etiquette:  should 
I just let it sit since, after all, the fix is easy and works?  Email 
the maintainer to say that it's still a problem with .3?  Add on a "me 
too" to the PR?  I just don't want to stick my foot in my mouth.